Monday, 13 May 2013

Infantry Transport

While taking the pics of the purchases from Saturday, I thought I would grab some pics of the stuff that arrived last week.

These are 2 of the 3 packs of Defrocked Priests also known as Kangaroo's (BR205) I ordered. They were first used during Operation Totalise as a method of getting the infantry forward at the same speed as the tanks, while at the same time protecting them from small arms fire. The Scots Division .pdf allows these to be taken at a rate of two per Infantry platoon as part of the 'breaching group'. On the night of 7th August 1944, 7th Battalion The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders went forward mounted in these, universal carriers, Loyds carriers and various scout cars and halftracks borrowed from other units. They formed part of a column 4 tanks wide (Led by 144 RAC) and composing of over 150 vehicles.

This was to be a night of firsts - the first large scale night attack by tanks in the days before night vision, the first use of actual armoured vehicles designed to act as armoured personnel carriers and the start of the final push that started the British and Canadian armies forward towards Falaise.

Two of the packs have arrived, with another due hopefully this week. Again, the crews will be painted separately. The vehicles themselves come molded onto their base, making them rather (hopefully) quick to sort out.  The .50cals will be mounted and I need to decide whether to mount radio aerials on them...


  1. Interesting kit, Will be nice to see it come together.

    Jamie I added your blog into my blog list so you should get a wee bit more traffic.

    Good luck with yer blog!

  2. Thanks Paul, It is a nice looking kit - I'm not too happy with the cupola fitting as it's not clear which way it should go, but I'm sure I will figure it out!

  3. the cupola as you will know sits on the right front of the super structure. There looks to be a lower tooth type part on the 2nd metal cupola in your pic. This should fit the slot on the right hand wall. It was just a fabricated frame to hold the 50 cal and support the gunner
    Will probably be a a small gap underneath.


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