Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Plastic Soldier Company 15mm M5 Halftrack comparison with Battlefront Flames of War 15mm M5 Halftrack

I've now assembled the first of the 5 Plastic Soldier Company M5 Halftracks, so I thought I would post some comparison pictures of it beside my Flames of War Battlefront M5 Halftrack.

The model itself was very easy to put together - I made two mistakes, one I could correct. The first was I didn't pay attention to which way round the track sections should go (I thought they were the same on each end of the track). Fixed this as the tracks wouldn't fit properly on the hull.

The second mistake was the pole that holds up the cupola. The hole on the hull was a little too small, so the pole would not sit properly - and I had already put superglue on it. I fixed this as well, but unfortunately it's a bit of a bodge. Still, shouldn't be noticeable on the table.

So, here are some pics. Edit: The Plastic Soldier Company model is the unpainted one.

The lighting again isn't great, so apologies. The base in the bottom one is just to get the models at roughly the same height.


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