Friday, 31 May 2013

Wappinshaw this Saturday!

Following my little outing to Carronade in Falkirk the other week, this weekend I'm heading to Wappinshaw in Glasgow. 

I'm hoping to pick up some bits and bobs - recently I've been thinking about getting some scenery, some Sherman I's and possibly the new Open Fire boxed set - and using the Shermans to do a Canadian or Polish armoured unit. 

This week I've mostly worked on building my M5 half tracks and my 1/144 scale Hawker Typhoon. 

The Tiffie needed a bit of green stuff - I may try some of the liquid stuff just to see how it works. I also need some more acrylic resin to do my bases. And a carry case or magnets. 

I also finished the highlights to my Defrocked Priests and 17 pdrs. Not too sure about them at this stage.... Pics to follow. 

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