Sunday, 21 July 2013

Julys progress

Not many posts recently mainly due to me not making much progress other than assembly. The Steam Summer sale and a great deal of Fallout 3 has not helped either.

Anyway, I have done a bit of work prepping. I now have all the various gun and vehicle crews ready on their lollipop sticks. Priming may follow shortly...

Vehicle wise I have spent a bit of time adding stowage. I still need the finer chain for my Sherman Crabs (I ordered these on the 11th of June from White Ensign Models, and still no sign of them - I have now asked them if I will have the chain by the 1st of August else I want a refund).

Stuff I am trying to get (and I will be looking for at Claymore on the 3rd of August) includes some spray primer, some upright PIAT gunners for my Universal Carriers (I need 3) and possibly some fine chain for my flails. Stuff I would love to see at the bring and buy would include Sherman I's, Churchill Crocodiles, 25 pounders.. although currently my 'waiting to be painted' shelf looks like this:

Sorry about the blur

Here you can see the Plastic Soldier Company M5 Halftracks all built.

And these pics don't include the other 10 Universal Carriers or 5 strips of UC crews...

One weird thing I noticed recently - I now have 6 'de-frocked' Priest APC's. They all came from Battlefront, all came from the same packs, and yet they all seem to be slightly different sizes. Not sure how they have managed that!


  1. The army looks impressive. With these additional stowage they will look great once finished.

    I have never painted whole big army at once. I wonder how long it will take you :)

  2. Hi Mirek, Thanks! I've no idea of how long it will take - too long no doubt! Thankfully I already have most of the army painted (at least, enough to play with!)


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