Saturday, 31 August 2013

British 17lb A/T guns

I spent some time today finishing off the big brothers to my infantry anti tank platoon. These 17 pounder anti tank guns are capable of taking out almost any German tank and alongside my infantry 6 pounders should hold off even the most determined armored attack.

I took a range of pics of these guys, but the light is failing and the rest of the shots were pretty washed out.

These guns all have drilled out barrels and muzzle breaks. I took a lot of time making sure gun barrels were all horizontal. These guns were high velocity anti tank guns and I see a lot of peoples models online with angled barrels, almost as if they were some form of artillery.

The guns are not secured to the base yet - this is currently for ease of transport, but if I magnetize the bases this will change.

I also have some ammo crates to add to the bases, and hopefully some brass shell casings once I get a chance to find some brass rod.


  1. Very nicely done.

    Do you find the 17 pounders that useful? I worry about the immobile movement just leading them to be ignored.


  2. Hi Ben,

    I've not actually used them yet, but my regular opponent is a big fan of his big cats, and I'm not sure I can trust a single Firefly in a troop of Shermans as adequate support.

    I do have the M5 Halftracks to get this unit mobile, and as I understand it the Shermans can also shift them with their tow hooks. Aside from that, in the new Overlord book these guys would count as Reluctant Veterans in my HD army. That should make them a bit more survivable!

    Assuming you make use of the max command distance with these guys being veterans they should be able to cover a good portion of the table.

  3. These are great as ambush candidates.

    Very nice work sir.

  4. Nice work, just came over from Paul's blog, he said you've only just started blogging, what a fibber!!!

  5. Thanks very much guys! One of the things on my 'to get' list is a decent light source for painting and pictures.

  6. Hi there - got a tip about you from Paul. Haven't played FOW for ages but sometimes hanker for a drive in a panther! Seems you're having a ball with it. Good luck with the blog, best wishes warpaintjj

  7. Thanks Warpaintjj, I've come to the game very late - more or less after it's been popular! The Blogs just my way of documenting what I've done and with all the questions I have had about how to do things it seemed like a nice way to help others out as well.

  8. Fantastic work on these guns!!


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