Sunday, 29 September 2013

FoW game, 28/9/13

I'm not going to do a massive battle report this time round, mainly because the game went on for quite a while and I didn't take pics as regularly as I normally do.

A quick run down is that we decided to play a meeting engagement again, with YD using much the same force - with the addition this time round of a Machine Gun platoon and halftracks to tow his Pak40's. I went with the army list I posted on Friday night.

YD this time round made sure his Nebelwerfers and infantry were on the table at the start, brining his tanks on later. I did much the same, deploying my non mobile stuff first and bringing on the mobile units as reserves. This meant that other than a few nasty bombardments from my mortars and his Neb's, not much happened for the first few turns.

Eventually the tanks all came on, with my Shermans dying to Panzer IV fire before they could make any impact. This left me with only my 2 remaining 6 pounder anti tank guns (24" range vs his tanks 36" range) and my Typhoon - which became a problem as most of his tanks were within 16" of my forces.

The Typhoon proved useful in keeping the Nebs pinned for most of the game, and took out a couple of tanks. However I think either more Shermans or the 17 Pounders would have been of more use. I found my ability to deal with the Panzer IV's to be really lacking.

As the game went on both of our platoons started to vanish - I started to suffer from the reluctant status of my men, with several turns passing where most of my army was pinned and refused to unpin. My Defrocked priests attempted to deliver their infantry via the centre of the table, avoiding the Panzers. However YD's Pak40's and then command panzerfaust team had them bail and unload their troops (rules query - if the armored transport team is just bailed, do you still roll to see if the passengers are destroyed?). One of these platoons rallied magnificently and assaulted across the center of the table - destroying at least two platoons before the last surviving squad bottled it.

On the left YD's Panzers spent most of the game shooting up a pinned down infantry platoon and my MMG carriers/teams that had tried to zoom round the flank to reach the objective.

On the right I managed to use my Pioneers with Typhoon support to take out the Pak40 platoon (first use of a flame thrower, hurrah!). We both reached a point we had to take a company motivation test, with me failing first (although we then realised YD should have been taking them on a couple of previous turns...!) . A loss for me and a well deserved win for YD - him having a untouched platoon of Panzer IV's on the table and the other platoon at half strength.

Lessons learned for me were the need for more anti tank support and perhaps a better appreciation for having the 25 pounders. YD made great used of his tanks, keeping them working together and making brilliant use of the stormtrooper move.

One of our hardest fought games so far. Great fun and as ever with YD, brilliant sportsmanship.


  1. Sounds great, David said your typhoon knocked a few things out. So air support needs to get in before the distance between armies is to close?

  2. Also nice pic with your plane coming in on the target. Very desert storm!!

  3. Your infantry don't need to take saves when their transport is only bailed out.

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  5. Thanks NRSG, that was my reading of the rules but as YD wasn't sure we went with the saves as well. The paragraph in the book does say 'if destroyed'. I guess if the transports bailed it's just a dismount under fire.

    Paul, the aircraft attack last in the shooting phase - if there are any friendly units within 16" at that time then the pilots call off the attack run. You call in/place the plane (representing between 1 and 3 aircraft) at the start of your turn, so you can move friendlies out of the way. If the enemy units are near buildings or tree lines the aircraft also has to spot them to be able to attack.

  6. Can you get a RAF spotter on the ground?

  7. Sadly no RAF spotters in the game. Planes can just traipse about the battlefield as they please so they're not needed.

    Nice AAR sir. I've also come a-cropper using Reluctant troops (In my case it was Desert Rats RV Cromwells) and have declared I'd never use them again, I was that frustrated during that fateful game.


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