Monday, 17 February 2014

15mm Sherman Hybrids WiP (Part 2)

I'm not doing too great at keeping the momentum up with either the blogging or the painting this year!

Toady's little bit of work has been spurred on by a little text from YD - "You'll need to get your Shermans done and a couple more typhoons, thats me done 3 Tigers."

So it seems like there's some sort of arms race going on!

Anyway, tonight I made a determined effort to get some work done on these many unpainted figures. Specifically the Sherman I Hybrids I've been working on. There are a few bits that are a bit rough, but I am having to just accept this. So, here's the pictures from tonight:

First coat of Russian Uniform Green (Vallejo 70.924) - standard Sherman I on the far right.
Standard Sherman 1 on the right, my Hybrid conversion on the left.
Note the rough hull on the Hybrid on the left - something I did a bit of work on later.
The three Hybrid Sherman conversions

So that's it for now. In other news, a trip to Worlds at War over in Livingston at the weekend saw me pick up a couple of Churchill Crocodiles, some Wasp Universal Carriers and another Daimler A/C. Had I known I was entering into a arms race with YD, I might have considered some M10C's!


  1. He sent pics of some PzIII support for his tigers to!

  2. nice work on the Shermans! I have no time either.

  3. Thanks Paul, getting there. Still a lot to do but trying to get back into the painting thing. Thankfully my 17pdrs were done a while back!

  4. Like them lots Jamie. Wouldn't think they were conversion work if you hadn't have said.


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