Monday, 10 March 2014

15mm M5 Halftrack Ambulance (Plastic Soldier Company)

One of my many ideas in progress has been to have some of the vehicles that are not typically modelled in 15mm - mainly to use in games of Battlegroup: Overlord.

One such idea has been to do a M5 Ambulance conversion from one of my (now spare) Plastic Soldier Company M5 Halftracks. The reason the model is spare is due to a change in the force chart for my Highlanders - previously the Pioneer unit had a M5A1 Halftrack for it's command team. However, in the D-Day allied book for Flames of War, this was changed to be a truck.

I'm going to use this newly spare Halftrack for my 17 Pounder A/T gun unit - meaning on of my PSC models is now free for me to try and be creative with.

I based this model loosely on this (yes, I know it's American!):

Photo care of:
Having seen black and white pictures of such halftrack ambulances working with armoured units.

© IWM (B 7521)
So, starting with a M5:

I quickly decided that this wouldn't work - the struts were not tall enough and I needed a platform to model the green stuff on.

So I moved on to the above idea. This would give me the base I needed to do this:

As you can see, the struts along the top give the green stuff ridges to rise to. I started with working on the sides of the canvas canopy first, and then filled in the centre. For this I was greatly helped by the modelling tools loaned to me by Paul. Which I've had for months and never used - sorry Paul!

The final version (so far) is this:

The next step is to try and get a hold of some British style red crosses (I think Skytrex does some). Then see how the whole thing looks painted! Not sure what unit I will mark these up as - another area I will need to check out. Suggestions welcome.

Also in the works is a Ambulance Jeep - will see how that one goes as well!

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