Saturday, 26 April 2014

Competition Winners!

So two short weeks ago I hit 100 posts and 10,000 visits at around the same time. To celebrate I decided to have a little competition. I had hoped that I might get a entry or two but I hadn't expected to get 7!

I've published all the comments at this point but I found it impossible to choose between the entries. All of them were interesting, amusing and heartfelt. To help me pick between them all I asked my wonderful assistant (aka, the better half) to have a look and help me choose. Through various esoteric means, we decided on:

1st Place: Justin Penwith

"Congrats! 1) What keeps me chipping away at the lead mountain is my sincere desire to keep gaming with my mates and to have armies ready for my sons to play with, and against, me when they come for a visit. While I am not quickly going through the mountain, I am continually at it. 2) Who do I thank most for my inspiration and motivation? Honestly, those who inspire and motivate me most are the heroes and villains of all the past wars and conflicts. Each fought for a cause, some honorable, and many not, but it is only because of their actions and the histories left behind that we can wargame those events today. More modern models of inspiration include numerous authors of either academic texts or wargame rules, but who each had an appreciation for military history and also delved into the hobby itself. Others still, bloggers who, in the midst of often chaotic and stressful lives, post about what they are working on and what inspires them. Too frequently, favorite bloggers"

2nd Place: Red Dog

"Well done notching up a century posts! Painting isn't my most favourite part of the hobby, but the need to have painted models (combined with the fact that I can't afford to get someone else to paint them!) keeps me chipping away. As for inspiration and motivation, I'd say my love of history and the encouragement of the guys I play with (and have contact with via blogs) keeps me going. Also the great feeling of satisfaction in completing a project and taking pride in my work. Cheers, Paul."

and 3rd Place: Chris Stoesen

"Congrats on the milestone. I enjoy the variety of projects that other people are working on, even periods that I have no interest in. It keeps the creativity moving. I paint in bursts. I had a fantastic burst in tnbe beginning of the year and I am prepping for the next one. Who do I thank the most? Well, the readers who post comments on my blog. They make me want to do more."

Justin will get first pick of the books, Paul the 2nd and I'm afraid Chris will get whichever is left. I'll attempt to contact the winners via their profiles, but if I can't (and you've not heard from me in the next week) please leave a comment on one of my blogs!

Thanks to all the entrants and the other members of the community that have kept me painting and blogging over the last year. 


  1. Hey, again congrats and my thanks! I'd like the Uniforms of the Peninsular War, if that is okay. That is one of the few of P.H.'s books that I do not yet have.

    I will post another comment, with my contact info, if you would please not publish that one. :)

  2. Excellent! This has made my day. Thank you so much.

  3. Woohoo! Thanks very much, and congrats to the other winners too. I'd like "Scramble" as I have fond memories of playing aerial wargames as a lad. As Justin has done, I'll put my details in a second comment.

    Cheers, looking forward to the next 100 posts! :-)

  4. Well done to all the winners!!!

  5. Thanks to everyone for entering, and the winners should all have had contact from me confirming details. It's been really nice to get such a positive response from doing this and I hope everyone enjoys their prizes.

  6. Belated congrats to the winners! Far more deserving than my crappy last minute effort. :)


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