Sunday, 29 June 2014

Holiday Adventures!

So having returned from a week in picturesque Shropshire (near Shrewsbury), I thought I should post a little blog. Mainly so that I will have posted something this month!

Having been a good boy (mostly) I got to go to Shrewsbury Castle (and the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry regimental museum there). I also got to go to the RAF Museum at Cosford.

Along the way there were a couple of interesting book shops - resulting in me getting a great book called "Only the Enemy in Front... (Every Other Beggar Behind)" by Richard Docherty. The book details the wartime history of the Reconnaissance Corps from it's creation through to the corps disbandment in 1946. Aside from the title (which I love) there are some interesting pictures and a lot of detail of the corps actions in all the theaters it fought in.

From the RAF Museum I got a lot of pictures on my phone camera, including these:

I also picked up a book "The Right of the Line: The Role of the RAF in World War Two" for an impressive £10. Along with this, I got a wonderful framed print (for my up coming birthday):

From the KSLI Museum I took a few pictures - mainly of the WW2 stuff:

Then, at the end of the week I spotted a odd building beside one of the small local bridges - from the road it looked like a old barn, but from the bridge there was definitely a concrete face with pillbox style windows. Turns out the river formed part of Western Command Stop Line No.1 that followed the course of the River Severn. The bridge also had the remains of roadblocks at both sides of the bridge. More info here. Amazing what you can spot when your out and about!


  1. Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Your welcome Paul - I think I took photos of every single thing at the RAF museum. I had over 400 pics to choose from!

  2. Sweet pics Jamie!

    Lovely to see the old Mosquito. I hope BF release a model with rules for us in the next LW Brit book. :)

    1. It was great to see it at the museum Dai. Along with the Hurri and the Typhoon the Mosquito is one of my favorite WW2 British aircraft. The Mustang's not bad, but I always viewed that as more of a combined effort!


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