Sunday, 1 June 2014

The lead mountain...

Not quite a paint table post (although I have moved some models up onto the paint table...). I was in Glasgow on Saturday and managed to pick up a third Churchill Crocodile - meaning I now have enough for a full troop.

Sticking this blister with the others lead to a slight sinking feeling...

Churchill Crocodile unit...

Spare Sherman V, Sherman Firefly (still need the other Sherman I's for its troop) and spare Jeeps (one for medic Jeep, one for MP jeep and one spare)...

Wasp carriers and Loyd carriers for 4.2" mortars (also needing painted)...

2nd Recce troop (plus HQ Daimler). This units going to me a mix of Daimler and Humber troops. 

And that's not counting the stuff undercoated or the Universal carriers on the shelves. Save me! 


  1. Never a nice feeling when you realize you have so much that needs painting. Just take it one platoon at a time! Good luck!

  2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Happy mountaineering :-) Cheers, Paul.

  3. Thanks guys! Just seem to be getting further and further behind. Need to try and pick up the pace a little I guess.

  4. Nah, just stop buying new stuff! :) (Good luck with that...)

    I think I need to put up a similar post to show what's in my back log. Then you'll be far happier with your pile.


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