Sunday, 17 August 2014

Carluke Wargames club 16/8/14

During my Flames of War game yesterday I took some time out to quickly check in with the other two tables that were running.

The first was a 15mm Sci Fi game - I think called 'Fast and Dirty'. The guys playing it seemed to have fun and it's something I have thought about getting into myself in the past.

The second was a 10mm Napoleonic game pitching Russians against British using the Black Powder rules. These seem to be a lot faster playing than the usual General De Brigade - but the game ended early due to some sort of disagreement over something in the rules. Bit of silliness really as it's just toy soldiers - if you don't agree with a rule interpretation, roll a dice to decide the matter and move on. If you don't agree with the rules, don't start the game and argue all the way through it! If you disagree with a rule that's in the rulebook, bite your tongue till the games finished then talk about it! Simple!

Some nice looking figures and a nicely set up tables and just goes to show that the club plays everything from Naps to WW2 to Sci Fi.

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