Friday, 22 August 2014

Paint Table (almost) Saturday!

One of the objectives I had from playing YD last weekend was to use the game as a boost to my painting mojo - as such for the first time in a long time I broke my own rule about fielding unpainted models. The plan was to move the models from the gaming table to the painting table.

The targets for this little operation were the Daimlers and Churchill AVsRE. Work started on Saturday night and continued through the week. As of today, they are ready for their Army Painter coat.

I also took on board Dai's comments about the Humber LRC's dust coating being a little over the top. So I gave them a quick wash of Russian Uniform Green (Vallejo Model Color 70924).

I might need to do something about the wheels, but they are a little toned down over how they were previously.

One of the things I changed with the Churchills and the Daimlers was to start using Vallejo Model Color German Grey (70.995) instead of the usual black coat for the tracks and tyres. Other than that, these models could have been painted a lot faster than they were, but my busy weeknight schedule meant it was today before I would apply the gunmetal.

There is no shading or highlighting on these models as that is done post Army Painter coat.

Turret hatches are all open as with these being recce vehicles I feel it's fitting that they all have crew figures. The command vehicle may have 2 - space dependent.

Unlike the Bofors guns I finished recently, I have really enjoyed painting these. The models are all from Battlefront so are a mix of resin and metal. Stowage on the models has been added and is mainly from the Skytrex range of vehicle stowage. Radio aerials will be added post AP varnish.

Basing wise I'm thinking the Daimlers will fit on medium bases and the Churchills large bases. However, if they are too big I will be putting in an order from warbases again. Another couple of Churchills are planned as I would love to try a conversion with fascine bundles... I'm not quite up to trying the bridge carrier option, however!


  1. Nice work. Those Daimlers are nice looking models. Been a while since I painted anything! Cheers, Paul :-)


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