Sunday, 23 November 2014

#6MMRPC Update - infantry progress

This week I started on the sticks of infantry and gun crews that I had prepped and primed last week. By this point I know how to cope with painting infantry figures. And for me that means splitting the task into smaller parts and handling each one in my own time.

However, my time this week was also taken up by having to spend a lot of time fixing my blog. Given the time it takes for photos to upload to Blogger, I had taken to uploading pictures to Facebook and linking the images into my blog. At some point in the last few weeks Facebook seems to have moved/changed the URL of some of my pictures. This meant I was left with somewhere between 50 and 100 blog entries with no pictures, including some of the most popular ones... However, hopefully this issue is now sorted - if anyone is seeing broken image links or images that won't display, please let me know!

So these infantry are all pre-wash/pre-varnish and just really have the base colours blocked in. They are a miss match of infantry, mortar and gun crews. This includes some simple greenstuff conversions - like my attempts to make the mortar bombs for the 4.2" mortar crew bigger and one officer that has been converted from a 8th Army model (and has some sort of popeye arm now).


  1. Nice job, a great set of troops...

  2. Thanks guys! Looking at them today I can see I've missed a few things I'll need to go back and sort, hair not painted and no Red Cross armbands on the stretcher bearers, etc.

  3. I like the conversion on the Officer, did similar for my Commandos platoon NCO's, swapping helmet'd heads for beanies.

    Nice to see work getting along well. Thinking of getting started on my 8th Army Motor boys m'self this week.

  4. These guys look smashing - predictably characterful!

    Thanks for the tip-off about Overlord too: I didn't realise it was related to Kursk, and even if I had, I hadn't realised those rules were for 15/20mm!

  5. Every army needs a Popeye figure! Nice to see you getting through the troops J!


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