Sunday, 8 February 2015

Carluke Wargames club 31/1/15

Some pic's of the other games that were being played at the club last week while me and YD were playing Flames of War.

First up was Beneath the Lily Banner played in 10mm. I got the impression that this was something quite new to the club and the game looked very impressive.

This was a 4 or 5 player (I think) game set on an L shaped tables. As I understand it the factions included Polish, Russian, Swedes and one or two others.  The last pic above shows the end of the game - by which point the Russians and Poles had been beaten. I may have that wrong as I only visited the table a couple of times. Feedback from the group seems to be that the game was enjoyed.

The other game was Lord of the Rings - but there were no green table covers left. I'm not sure how the game went, but from the pics it looks like the good guys won!

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