Sunday, 22 February 2015

Full Thrust: Tab-1 encounter report

Classification: Priority Alpha Black-Charlie

Decode-Cypher: X-Gamma-Laura
Trimming Automation Directives


Parsing Information.

Transmission Reads:


Significant damage to main industrial area of Tab-1. Substantial dust storm prevents orbital scans. Ground communication and landings indicates civilian casualties may exceed 3000. Medical and salvage teams dispatched to surface. Humanitarian, diplomatic and ground support required urgently. Significant chance of further casualties due to environmental situation. 
Umbrella-Gygax Corporation escorted merchant vessel (Ref!\5424) intercepted attempting transit from Tab 1 to unknown destination. 

Umbrella-Gygax escort ship names and classes unidentified. Scan returns on fleet and ship composition attached in appendix 1 (one). Fleet composed of 1 (one) warship rated Heavy Cruiser, 3 (three) ships rated as Heavy Destroyer, 3 (three) ships rated as Frigate. 1 (one) unknown vessel of unknown mass encountered. Scan returns specific to this vessel attached in appendix 2 (two). 

Unknown vessel appeared to have form of advanced cloaking system. Attached combat logs and vid footage in appendix 3 (three). Potential FTL jump trajectories listed in appendix 4 (four).

Enemy destroyed: 2 (two) x DDH, 1 (one) FF. Enemy captured: 1 (one) FF. 

Enemy CH, DDH and FF seen to enter FTL.

Captured vessel data logs and memory banks encrypted. Standard procedure in place. RNS Winnipeg dispatched to fleet base A11 with data copies and key recovered crew members. Jakarno Lynx recovered and in custody. Also aboard RNS Winnipeg.

Captain Brennan commended by this command. Pushed home attack in face of heavy enemy fire. Losses consist of DDH and DD. 1 (one) DD damaged and salvaged. Full details in combat logs.

Own losses consist of RNS Denver (DD467). Lost with all hands. Personnel losses attached in appendix 5 (five).

Transmission Ends.


  1. Mate, now I have to go bloody get starships! Thanks! haha! Keep it up. enjoying these to no end!

  2. Glad your enjoying them! I suspect that's it for now, but C will no doubt be formulating the next scenario. I know he has been starting up the stealth ship!

  3. Oh, and the full thrust books are a free download from


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