Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Full Thrust: Tab-1 situational briefing 1

Transmission: NAC CMD SEC G-5 TO CPT JAMES
Classification: Black-Charlie


Decode-Cypher: X-Gamma-Laura
Trimming Automation Directives


Parsing Information.

Transmission Reads Thus:

Captain James, As you are aware, the recent loss of RNS Duncan And Dunkirk [See Status Update HG-58732-J Captain ?] is a result of an escape attempt by Jakarno Lynx, the rebellion instigator currently occupying Tab-1.

Information has arisen, indicating that he has enlisted the military aid of the Umbrella-Gygax-Corporation, and their incursion into the null-zone is their attempt to rendezvous with Jakarno in order to facilitate his escape.

Tab-1 being a major source of [Classified] for the NAC at large, it is essential that we apprehend the man that we may expel his ideology from the planet, not just his presence.

At 07:32 this morning, orbital fabrication platforms Hans and Geraldine were deliberately de-orbited into the industrial sector of Encal on Tab-1. There are sources planet-side who claim that amidst the destruction, a large UG Corp vessel emerged from the warehousing district.

Shortly thereafter we lost contact with the planet, a result of a global power-cut initiated by Jakarno after a publicity broadcast.

As a result of the loss of power we are unable to make contact with planet-side sensor equipment. 

We have no knowledge of enemy composition, nor validation on claims of a mystery vessel.

Your orders are thus:
-Apprehend Jakarno Lynx by any means necessary before he is escorted beyond the detection range of our passive FTL mappers.

-Ignore any invocation of Lazarus Law on the part of UG Corp: Their participation in the destruction of Tab-1 [Classified] supply represents an overriding concern to the Admiralty.

-Destroy as many UG Corp vessels as possible: the presence of such a PMC Force in Sector G is disruptive to long term developmental goals.

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