Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Full Thrust: Tab-1 Situational briefing 2

Classification: Black-Charlie

Decode-Cypher: X-Gamma-Laura
Trimming Automation Directives

Executing Course Changes…..

Parsing Information.

Transmission Reads Thus:

Captain Brennan, You are being reassigned to the defensive operations under the oversight of NAC Captain James [ Access NAC Officer Data Entry #62954-N-CptJM  Captain? ] . Rebel Leader Jakarno Lynx with the aid of PMC Umbrella-Gygax-Corp is attempting an escape.

Enemy force is capable and heavily armed, seeing to the destruction of NAC Forces RNS Duncan & Dunkirk in a skirmish 13 hours ago.

Proceed to the encoded coordinates and assist Captain James in the apprehension of Jakarno Lynx.

The Admiralty takes this moment to remind you that given your history and previous assignment, that your performance in the coming engagement is highly anticipated. 


Your orders are thus:

-Apprehend Jakarno Lynx before he is escorted beyond the detection range of our passive FTL mappers.

-Adhere to NAC Combat Literature, do not engage targets unnecessarily, do not risk NAC equipment, Preserve NAC personnel, acknowledge parlays, do not kill civilians.

-Destroy as many UG Corp vessels as possible: the presence of such a PMC Force in Sector G is disruptive to long term developmental goals.


( PMC & mercenary forces are not held accountable for the activities of their employers. Agreements to peacefire and disengage upon the meeting of contractual obligations must be upheld by NAC Captains of the line. Failure to do so is a court martial offense.)

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