Sunday, 29 March 2015

Full Thurst: Needle in a Nebula

Classification: Black-Charlie

Decode-Cypher: X-Gamma-Laura
Trimming Automation Directives Executing…

Parsing Information.
 Anomaly Detected… Trimming Anomaly from Transmission
Stored {1564-FlushDrive-2376-3-5}

Transmission Reads:

Captain, Congratulations on your success in the previous engagement.

In reading your latest FTL Buoy, we have assigned an urgent response mission. FTL Analysts have uncovered an anomaly within the enemy ship’s escape readings. There is a 75% probability based on previous readings that the stealth vessel, hereby referred to as [UGC-Black Herring] will suffer catastrophic Cherenkov shift some 26.7354 Light years hence. This damage to FTL systems is predicted within the enclosed coordinates, within the Davidson-FJ Nebula.

The chance to capture the Black Herring still exists, if we act with haste. Gather your remaining fleet and rendezvous with HRS Cambuslang & Entourage to sweep the Nebula. (An externally mounted Sensor suite has been temporarily installed upon the Cambuslang to aid in this)

Your orders are: 

-Destroy as many UG Corp vessels as possible: the presence of such a PMC Force in Sector G is disruptive to long term developmental goals. 
-Find and Acquire UGC-Vessel Designation “Black Herring”.


Additional: Data cryptologist Gavin Hurst has looked at the strange inclusion within the transmission, he reckons it’s based on an old cypher that takes advantage of physical mediums in order to confuse electronic systems. He knows this because it’s commonly used within certain University environments, and he based his thesis upon it. He requests leave from deck-duty in order to work on decrypting the message. Do you allow it?

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