Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nachtjager Digital Content - list of companies

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I'm sure those of you that have picked up the most recent Wargames Illustrated will have seen the article in question, but for those of you who have not, this issue lists the following upcoming Digital army lists (available through FOW digital):

British :-

1.    Parachute Company - 'will be familiar' but with the addition of M22 Locust and Veteran Churchills.
2.    Airlanding Company - 'Will benefit from interesting tank support as well as help from paratroopers of the US 513th PIR'
3.    Airlanding Armoured Recce Squadron - Potentially with M22 Locusts and Cromwells, motorcycle recon, MMG carriers and heavy mortars.
4.    Lorried Rifle - 'Represents all the hard charging troops of 159th Infantry Brigade'. Infantry with Comets - and specific mention of infantry riding Comets.
5.    Motor Company - Integral infantry of 29th Armoured Brigade, mounted in M5 halftracks. Comets, Cromwells and Challengers.
6.    Armoured Car Squadron - Represents the Inns of Court Regiment with SAS backup.
7.    SAS Squadron - Represents 1st and 2nd SAS Regiments. SAS jeeps, armoured cars and tank support.
8.    Tank Squadron - 6th Guards Armoured Brigade, with British and US para riders.
9.    Commando Company - 1st Commando Brigade. Different from other commando lists as not as 'hit and run' and now gain all of the British special rules.


1.    Parachute Rifle Company - New organisation to include 3 rifle squads with 12 men each, new firepower such as 57mm and 75mm recoilless rifles.
2.    Glider Rifle Platoon -  includes provisional glider pilot units.

The US special rules seem to change to give them 'Thunder from Heaven' which gives them a stormtrooper move. The US lists also seem to have access to Churchills.


1.    Fallschirmjagerkompanie - 'backed by Heer or SS troops'. May include different quality troops?
2.    SS-Hitlerjugend Ausbildungs Kompanie - 'Generously armed with Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck anti-tank weapons.'
3.    Grenadierkompanie - based on 84. Infanteriedivision. Representative of the Infantry units operating in the area and has access to things like railway AA batteries and some armoured support'.

It also looks like Battlefront are bringing out their own paint range, 'tastefully' in bullet shaped dropper bottles. This ties in with the dropping of the Vallejo references in the Nachtjager book. A book is also coming out this month with painting hints and tips.

Mention also of the new Universal Carriers not being on moulded bases, which is quite a change.This confirms that the UC's in the Nachtjager book are the new models (they are also not on bases).


  1. Wow, this is a nice addition. How much are each of these new lists to download though?

  2. The existing lists are £2.29 each, and the book is £10.99 - I'm assuming individual lists will be the same. The big question is whether buying the book gets you the new lists as well as the original 6 for the £10.99!!!

    1. Well, I don't have an Apple device, so I'll just have to wait until they are available on the Forces site. Even so - wish I would be able to peruse them before I buy.


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