Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Full Thrust: Yet more Battleship Grey - and some engines!

The ongoing saga of the NAC paint schemes. I've made an attempt at engines, but not spent a great deal of time on them. Starting with a dark blue to yellow then a dab of white.

I also tried windows in both white and yellow, but can't say I felt either lent much to the model. My feeling is that them being military ships, plus advances in video displays and camera's, there would be no requirement for the structural weakness of holes in the hull.

I appreciate the main purpose is to help break up the monotony of grey, grey and more grey, but hey ho. I like grey!

A real ongoing issue with these models it the fact paint will just not stick to them. I've washed them at least twice in hot water, but no dice. I think I may need to use a spray primer rather than a painted on black primer.

So the next step will be to strip the other model back, wash it down again, glue on the flight peg toppers, prime with a spray can and start working on a tidier version of the above paint job. This scheme should scale pretty easily and hopefully with practice my freehand lines will get neater. Again, any tips on doing that sort of thing would be gratefully received.


  1. Maybe just trial the spray primer etc on a handful of clean ships before you strip what you've done (unless everything is already primed in paint on). That way you can sort out whether it will fix the problem or not before you put too much effort into stripping. The other thing to consider is that it's nice to have a reference fig to paint to.

  2. I have had the same problem with a lot of the more detailed spaceships and 10mm resin/plastic stuff. These days I treat it like I have to strip them and put them threw the process once or twice before even trying to paint them.

  3. Hard sponges might be an idea for the straight lines man, or even those pink rubbers you get with the sharp edge?


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