Friday, 10 July 2015

6MMRPC: Burnt Joker - Full Thrust Ships

As stated previously, I have a bit of a Full Thrust ship purchasing issue!

This month Jon over at GZG is celebrating 30 years of being in business, and is offering a special 30th Birthday offer. Basically purchases of £30 or more get some random freebies that match their purchase. I had been wanting some 'Spider' fighter stands so decided to splash out and get a few bits that have been on the wish list for a while.

Unfortunately I selected the wrong fighter stands so needed to order the correct ones. Combined with some birthday money I ended up placing another £40 order! So the joker I earned from finishing the Heavy Mortar platoon I then spent on more ships!

Anyway, here's what this package contained;
My freebies - I was missing some parts from my UNSC ships, so was going to order replacements. Jon included them in my freebies. Also included were a merchant ship and a NAC Escort Carrier!
Salvage ship - I've wanted one (or two) of these ships for a while.
Escort Carrier included for scale!
Landing Ship, Orbital with Escort Carrier for scale.
Both the LSO ships. These would also work as carriers between Escort and Light Carriers.
Bottom right are some 'Luxury Yachts' which I plan to use as generic system defence ships. Top right are the wrong fighter stands. Escort Carrier for scale!

Also included in the package were these;

Which are a multi page colour version of the Full Thrust Lite rules. This gives some quick play rules to use with the ships you've just purchased. Very straight forward and well laid out. The ship plan pages (of which there are two) match what ships you get with the starter fleet deals Jon offers.


  1. Cool a system I keep thinking of trying.

  2. Not a bad way to spend a Joker at all.

  3. Oh jokers. Hahaha. I hope to see these all painted up soon!

    Maybe for next 6mmrpc the rule should be if you use a joker the item must be fully painted by the end of the challenge!

  4. Nice idea there Cameron....that'd be one way to keep down Joker use. Haha.

    Very cool that the rules and ship data are being sent out. I'd totally get in on the birthday special but (ahem) I still have a bunch of unpainted ships already. Boo. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new toys.


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