Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Painting Supplies: Acrylic Thinner

A few months ago I had been disappointed with the finish on some of my models. I felt, specifically, that this was due to issues I was having with paint consistency. My Vallejo paints just seemed too thick and using water just wasn't working. As a result I felt my vehicles had very rough looking surfaces and my infantry figures looked very 'heavy'.


I had just been using water to thin my Vallejo acrylics and it just didn't seem to work. The paint either ended up far to runny/wash like or it just didn't seem to coat the model properly. I had a few people offer suggestions and did a bit of hunting about on my own.


The original discussion can be found here.


Eventually I settled on this:

Which I picked up online from SnMstuff for £4.95 (plus postage) and have been using for the last few weeks. I have to say I'm really really happy with this compared to just using water. The paint goes to a good consistency with just a drop added. It thins the paint but doesn't turn it into a wash and still coats well. I'm much happier thinning my paint down now and I feel that I'm seeing much smoother and less bitty finishes.
I did buy a Vallejo branded thinner (Model Colour 524 - Thinner), but it turned out to be some sort of medium and is a milky white substance. I've not tried it. I also bought brush shampoo and restorer, which I've yet to use.
I've not used my airbrush for a while but I'd be willing to try this thinner with a low PSI setting on my compressor (I think that the PSI may have been the reason I was having so many issues previously). I'll let you know if/when I try that out!


  1. My thinner also starts off milky (Like your Vallejo one) but dries clear, much like my old GW 'Ardcoat varnish.

    Thinner is by far the better choice over water. I even use it as a little perk-me-up for my paint pots when they show they are drying up.

    1. I might try the Vallejo one then Dai, see how it works!

  2. Might want some tips on varnish! certainly use this tip if painting vehicles

  3. No problems Des. I use 3 or 4 different varnishes. Army Painter Dark tone dip/varnish, Vallejo Gloss varnish (after highlights and dry brush as a base for my decals), Vallejo Matt Varnish and a Matt Varnish spray - not sure what make the spray is but it works really well. Whether I use the paint on Matt or the spray depends on the weather and the size/numbers of the minis.


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