Friday, 11 September 2015

6MMRPC: Crocs Update

Hi folks,

Blog post #225 and just over 50,000 visits! Not a bad run for my wee hobby blog (we'll ignore the fact 75% of the visits will have been spam!).

So, busy week this week, and busy weekend coming up. I thought I would do a quick update post now just to show I am still trying to work on my metal mountain!

This week I got the Churchill Croc's all detailed and base coated. I've not come up with a solution for the trailers yet. I also managed to get the webbing done on my vehicle crews. Beyond that, I am hoping for better progress next week!

I've done 3 with the netting and 2 with Sherman track's mounted on the turrets.

Some closer shots:

And also the trailers:

So, steady progress but no major breakthrough. I still need to consider basing and how to connect the trailers to the tanks, so that they can be removed easily.

Thats all for now!


  1. Tiny rare earth magnets are probably your friend here. It might be easier to skip a base on the trailer, if the magnet bond is strong enough. Then you'd wouldn't have to fiddle about with getting the perfect angle.

    1. Thanks Dave - you should know about my basing fetish by now! I'll need to see how small the magnets go just to see what the options are. I have some, but they are quite bulky. You have raised a valid point tho, based trailers are going to be difficult on the tabletop unless they are on very small bases that don't butt on to the back of the tank base. Hmmmm...

    2. Maybe perch the tank at the front of a base long enough to accomodate the whole thing? Then you'd have a small landing area at the back where you can add/remove the tank. You can still use magnets (one in the hitch, and maybe one on the ground/wheel connection).

  2. Wow, so that's five Croc's in total? Only time I ever played WW2 was using Blitzkrieg Commander and only ever with just the one flame-thrower tank. In that instance they were 10mm models, so the trailer just went on the same base as the tank.

    Can I just take this opportunity to say I've altered my blog address, so your blog roll won't update any longer. I'm now also blogging on behalf of Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot, so had to alter the domain name.
    If you'd like to continue to follow my blog I can be found at

    1. Thanks Roy, I'll sort the blog roll when I get a chance.

      I've ended up with 5 more or less by accident. I only needed 3 for my FoW force org, but 2 of the ones I bought had badly pitted/cast fuel trailers. I emailed Battlefront Customer Service asking for two replacement trailers and they sent me 2 whole packs - giving me the 5 you see now! I used the stowage and netting to cover up the damaged trailers so could still use them (I didn't think of doing that at the time).

      I'm probably going to buy another 1 to make up 2 units of 3 - though that's just because I like complete units rather than any gameplay reasons.

  3. Nice to see progress on these beasts.

    Trailer base would make it tricky on the battle field to bend the tank+trailer around corners though?

    1. Yeah, whichever way I go with has disadvantages. Looking at it tonight I think I might just base the trailers on small FoW bases. I think I can glue them at the correct angle so that they can be sat behind the tanks without actually being attached. That will make they easy to transport and more maneuverable on the table - as well as removable for when the tanks have fired (fuel for 180 x 120ft shots - can fire once on FoW...)

    2. Yeah, FoW tank flame thrower rules are crap. Even the infantry ones should get more than just a single pot-shot. Hopefully version 4 (If and when it comes out) will change that up a bit.


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