Monday, 26 October 2015

6MMRPC: M10C, Wasps and Universal Carriers - Finished! (Tanktober Offering)

Following up from last nights post, I grabbed some shots of the various other vehicles I have been working on and managed to finish.

Again, crew figures have still to be done and added, but the rest of these models are done.

First up, my lonely M10 Self Propelled 17 Pounder gun (M10C). Bearing the markings of 6th Anti Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery - this unit was the Corps level anti-tank regiment of 2nd Canadian Corps during Totalize. I managed to pick up the corps decal from Doms Decals, and the Arm of Service marking was a over painted field regiment decal.

Then we have 3 Wasps - flame throwing Universal Carriers. These guys have the markings of the Middlesex Regiment, 51st Highland Division. This unit also provided the 4.2" Mortars and Vickers MMG support to the Highland Division, and I was surprised to find that they operated the Wasps as well.

A very small and quick model to paint, these guys just need crew figures and they should be done.

Then we have 3 Universal Carriers. These guys are marked up and 7th Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division. They form one of the 'squads' of Universal Carriers for my infantry list. There are 1 with a .50 HMG and Bren, and 2 with two Brens.

And lastly, some more pictures of the Crocodiles:

So just crew to do and some turrets to be magnetised and that will be all these guys totally done. Next up I'm going to do some more Universal Carriers and my 3 M3A1 Stuarts. Hopefully I will make a start on them this week.


  1. Super good to see these done and looking so good too. That .50 cal mounting is a particularly rather nifty detail.

    1. That's a bit of a weird one Dai - I imagined the .50's would be mounted on the UC's the same way as the Vickers MMG's were. But Battlefront's newest mini's have them mounted at the front. The other .50 cal UC's I have all have the gun mounted in the centre point rather than on the front of the hull.

    2. I think I've seen a pic or two of .50cals mounted up front like that. Eitherway - it looks super cool.

  2. Very nice collection of vehicles :-).

  3. Absolutely smashing! How did you get the camo/leaves etc. onto the M10s?


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