Tuesday, 20 October 2015

6MMRPC: Update

Hi Folks,

Just a quick update on my progress this week. I did manage to get a bit done, more than I thought I would mid week as my progress up till Thursday had been poor. However with Friday night and the weekend to play with, I got things back on track.

Apologies for the pics, I still need to work on lighting. 

I've still details to do - crew to add, aerials, decals to correct and alter, weathering to do and foliage to add - plus the bases to put static grass on and some painted on varnish where the spray hasn't quite gotten to. Plus some touching up where there's been some chipping or accidents with flat earth being applies.

I'm quite chuffed with the look of these guys just now, the M10C especially. I'm looking forward to getting the foliage on it as I think it could look really nice once it's all done. I've a couple of articles planned comparing decals and stowage again, now I have a wider range, plus the long thought about one on how I am detailing my tanks.

This week I am hoping to get these guys all done in preparation for a weekend away with Amy (a lovely hotel has been booked in Leeds - which just happens to coincide with the Leeds Wargames Show at the Royal Armories museum!).


  1. Looking forward to the post on stowage mate.

    These look great. Your quality of work has come a long way since I first started following.


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