Friday, 5 February 2016

Gunuary - HQ's, staff teams, observation teams and dispatch rider

Hi folks,

While Gunuary has now officially passed, my work continues on completing and updating my FoW British Artillery.

This week I have been on quite a few paint and chats - figuring that if I am sitting painting, I might as well have company. This has helped me keep up the same pace. Last weekend I took the time to lay out all my batteries and figure out what teams I needed. This helped a lot as I was struggling to visualise the units and identify what I needed to finish them all off.

I also took the opportunity to update the basing on one of my staff teams, shifting from the circular base I had originally used to the standard FoW medium base. I also used the second table from this base as part of the staff team for my 2nd 25 Pounder Battery. Having the extra 4 guns also means I need another Jeep and three more trucks - an awkward number of both!

Still, I've got all the missing teams done, now I am just on to updating the old ones.

One of the 'New' staff teams, with my Battlegroup dispatch rider. The scales are all over the place here, believe it or not these are all Battlefront models! The dispatch rider is a conversion from a early war British Motorcyclist (provided a long time ago by Dai). There was also a sidecar, which I did not add. The head of the rider was swapped with the dispatch rider from the 25 Pounder Boxed Set - meaning it is a little small as well. His arm was twisted and straightened, as was one of his legs - so that he is leaning on the ball of his foot.

Next up we have some command teams - again, all Battlefront models (some slightly blurry pics here, sorry).

My second staff team - a slightly similar to the first one. Again all Battlefront with the exception of the range finder and chair (Peter Pig addition's).

Then my Observation teams. The standing up radio operator is a Peter Pig model while the others are Battlefont. A shame that the teams are identical, but otherwise I am happy with them. I may need some sort of marking on them to tell which battery they belong to.

And a random bailed out marker/tank crew.

So, onto updating my old guns and infantry figures. Off to York Wargames show this weekend, hopefully!


  1. Great work. I especially like the first staff team!

    1. Thanks Cameron - the macro camera shots don't do them a lot of favors, but I am pleased with them. Also glad the staff teams are different.

  2. The table with the orders given is a masterpiece, love this one! Great job...

    1. That's a Peter Pig model - I can take no credit, other than applying some paint!

  3. Great work, I like the dispatch rider.


    1. Thanks Steve, the proportion of the head to the body isn't great, but he'll do for now!

  4. I think that at this scale, proportion differences so slight really only show up when these are eyeballed up close. On the game table they'll look splendid mate!

    Love what you did to the dispatch rider! Consider the idea stolen.


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