Monday, 4 April 2016

TtC MMM April Painting Challenge

It's Begun!

On Friday the first ever TtC MMM April Challenge started. However, there is still time for you to join!

The challenge is aimed at encouraging participation in, viewing live or watching the recordings of the Tabletop Commanders Paint and Chats, or participation in the informal non recorded Miniature Modelling Mayhem Hangouts.

To take part in the challenge all you have to do is pick a couple of 'units' that you want to get painted. The number of units you pick is up to you, but should push you. The units can be any size, and scale, any period - or even just terrain or other such gaming linked projects.

Once you have picked your target, join us in either the TtC Paint and Chats or the MMM Hangouts. You can participate just by painting while you listen in if your not comfortable talking or being on camera. You can also view the TtC Paint and Chats while they are being recorded or afterwards on Youtube.

If you join us on the various chats, or here on the group, let us know what your working on, how your getting on, give us some details about the units your painting, their history, the rules you are using... anything that starts a discussion and helps you get those units painted!

We're a friendly bunch and aim to be as inclusive as possible. And if you have not tried painting while on a hangout, its amazing how much you get done while talking toy soldiers and military history.

So far in the Challenge we have people doing Naps, ECW, WW2, Sci Fi, AWI/French Indian Wars... and no doubt a host of other periods and scales as well. Join us and get those units that you've been putting off done!

I'm working on getting a good start on my Flames of War German Grenadier army, with my Goal for April to be finishing 2 infantry platoons, a HMG platoon and my HQ platoon (with A/T, Snipers and Mortars). I will be continuing into May with the aim of bulking out the support units. Hopefully by June I'll have a good portion of my German infantry figures painted and out of the lead pile!

So far this week I've made good progress on one platoon of Grenadiers (which I started at the tale end of last week, slightly early!). The other units are blocked in with the main colors and hopefully will get completed over the next couple of weeks. Bigger lolipop sticks than normal!

WiP for this week!

Still to do!
The paint and chats on Google Hangouts (advertised on the Facebook group above, or via our Google+ communities Tabletop Commanders and MMM) are a really great way to focus on your painting. Chatting about the hobby and history (and on the MMM groups everything else under the sun) really helps you lose track of your painting - and paint more than you would normally. It's a very peculiar thing, but being distracted by easy going conversation makes you stop thinking about how many rifles, boots or faces you have to paint or have painted, and just crack on!

So thing about joining in, taking part and stopping by a paint and chat and saying hello!


  1. Good man, it also helps you drift away when cleaning up and preparing the troops to paint or getting through that tough bit of terrain you have been putting off completing forever!!!

  2. Glad to see you getting so motivated mate.

    Switch out those Germans for ACW Confederates and you've got my workload. Only, I've around 120 of the buggers to get through....

    1. Trying to be Dai! I've got the first two batches finished and started on the final one. I'm on schedule so far, just need to get these guys done and then the basing!

      Good luck with those Confederates!


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