Saturday, 2 April 2016

Waugh Games - Upcoming 15mm Leopard MBTs from Waugh Games

Hi folks,

I spent some time today at a local Wargames Show - Teescon 2016. At the show I got to talk to the owner of Waugh Games about some of his upcoming releases and some of his WiP models. He had some prototype casts and 3D prints of some Leopard 2 versions in 15mm, which I know I'm interested in! These should be great for use with 15mm Team Yankee.

Some pics:

Leopard Hull with Leopard 2 turrets. The turret on the top left has some pigment mixed in, hence the speckled appearance.

Close up of the Leopard 2 Turret. I believe that this is the 3d printed master.

Cast version of the earlier Leopard 2 turret, without gun.

I believe this is a 3D print of the hull.

Some of the models on display, including a range of  WW1 tanks in various scales and some WiP WW2 tanks. I believe there are plans to do the WW1 tanks in 28mm as well.
I've offered to do a review of these models once they are due for release, so fingers crossed that's something that comes to fruition. The 3D prints certainly look great. Pricing wise the size of these models was compared to the King Tiger and Jadgtiger models which are currently less than £6 each from Waugh Games - but to be confirmed.

As far as Team Yankee goes, I'm focusing on my WW2 German army for FoW. But the order is still in my shopping basket with Heroics and Ross, waiting on my putting the trigger!

Edit - it's been pointed out these are both versions of the Leopard 2 turrets. 


  1. The cast of the early leopard 2 turret looks rough. Otherwise the 3d prints are very nice.

    1. These models are definitely at the 'gaming pieces' side of the model scale, and I think the price point reflects that as well. To be fair the white resin doesn't show up well on the pictures, but yes, the 3D print is a better quality.

  2. Good man Jamie, look forward to a review. Spotted this and thought it maybe useful for yer normal day bocage:


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