Sunday, 1 May 2016

Miniature Modelling Mayhem May Painting Challenge

Hi folks,

With the end of April and the MMM April painting challenge comes the start of May and a new opportunity to join in!

Given the success of the April challenge and the growth of the Miniature Modelling Mayhem (MMM) community, we decided to run the same challenge again starting on the 1st of May through until the 31st May.

To take part, all you need to do is commit to painting, within the month, a number of units that will be a challenge for you. That could be one single 28mm figure or an army of 6mm figures. We're trying to encourage participants to use this as an opportunity to pick a unit or units that you have been putting off or that are a particular challenge to paint.

Personally I'm going to be continuing to work on the FoW Germans. With them being mainly infantry they are a real challenge for me to get done in a decent time frame.

This months goal for me is to finish:

5 x PaK40's with 26 crew/command.
8 x 8cm mortar teams with 39 crew/command - 2 teams for my HQ using battlefront models and a platoon of 6 teams + command.
6 x snipers/spotters - 3 teams of 2 men each for my HQ
1 x sniper character - no plans to use in army!
1 x Pioneer platoon (48!!! Infantry/command) - 3 squads of 15 riflemen plus command.

Our community Facebook and Google+ pages have more details of what we managed to finish last month, and what everyone is aiming to finish in May. The hope is that people try out the Google+ Hangouts we are holding or post to the community sites, sharing your progress and giving other community members a boost by liking, following and commenting on their efforts. Feel free to check our pages out and join in!


  1. The April challenge was a great help keeping me motivated on painting my troops and I'm sure the May challenge will do the same!

  2. That are a whole lot of figures to be painted! Good luck!


  3. That looks like a miserable amount of infantry to paint mate... (Says the bloke who's got as many and more ACW figs to paint up himself!)


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