Wednesday, 22 June 2016

State of the Collection - June 2016 (Pic Heavy)

Hi folks,

In August last year, before my big move and my discovery of the Paint and Chats, I had done a video and some pics and a video of my British 15mm Flames of War collection.

With all the painting I've done in the last 8 months, I've had a lot of comments made about the size of the collection now, and requests to see the whole lot again. It's taken a while (the joys of living in someone elses house) but I've had a few days to myself and managed to lay the whole lot out.

I've made a video of this layout, with me droning on a little bit.

But I also took a load of pics, as I know not everyone likes YouTube videos and the quality can be a bit poor (especially with me holding the camera!).

So, here is what I had done up till August last year - this is A Coy, 7th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 51st Highland Division and 144th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps, 33rd Independent Armoured Brigade in early August (7th and 8th) 1944 - plus associated support units.

And here is a similar layout for everything done up till June 2016:

And panoramic:

I think I may have a problem... much more of this and I will need a bigger table!

Everything here I have detailed individually as I have completed it, but I have taken a load of close up shots as well (apologies for the lighting):

In addition to this little lot, I also did a similar layout and film for my painted German collection. These guys are for 89. Infanterie Division on 7th and 8th of August, 1944.

And pics (again, sorry for quality - some are blurry or dark):

In addition, over the last year, I have painted several Full Thrust ships and a load of 3mm armored vehicles.

So where do I go from here? I've a lot of plans for my 15mm Flames of War project. Specifically expanding my forces to be able to represent other units and nations that took part in the Totalize battle. This includes units I already have models for or are actively purchasing models for:

Polish Armoured
Polish Armoured Recce
Canadian Recce
Polish Mechanised Infantry
SS Armoured
SS Heavy Armoured
a second HD Infantry Company
British Recce

And units planned/considered but with no purchases being currently made:

Canadian Armoured
Luftwaffe AA
Polish Infantry
Canadian Infantry
SS Infantry
SS Recce?

This is going to be a mammoth long term project, and involves army list and scenario writing as well as modelling and painting all these forces. Any and all help is appreciated! I'll be posting some blog articles in the future, as well as army lists based on this particular battle. At the same time... I'm going to need a lot more models! Donations or good deals are welcome!


  1. Great collection of 15 mm minis and very nice paint work :)

    1. Thanks! The paint job on quite a few of the units is a bit dated for me now, I can do better! Trying to resist the urge to go back over stuff.

  2. Very Impressive James. Bloody well done.

  3. Very impressive collection James.

  4. James, I have had a bit of a 'down' couple of days, peeved off about the direction of my own BA & FoW projects, but seeing your pics has really picked me up :) Your collection is stunning, modelling and painting of the highest quality and your commitment to historical formations is very impressive. I understand your emotions re living with in laws, we did the same when younger and now we have our middle daughter and her partner living with us, it's not always easy I know, but having something creative to focus upon can really help. I'm sure I'll spend more time drooling over those images later :) If only I could find a like minded gamer down here!

    All the best, look forward to see the collection expanding even more.

  5. ....and just spotted the two Tigers :)

    1. Thanks Lee, it means a lot that I've helped another gamer get a bit of a lift and some inspiration! The Tigers are there - I didn't include the other vehicles as they are not in this army list. But I've bought another one of the Sturmpanzer to make the minimum unit size and I aim to get more of the IV/70's as there is a mention of them being involved in the German counter attacks on the 8th of August! Although you are partially to blame for the extension of my collection ;) !

  6. Wow Jamie, just wow! And to think, that allied collection is just going to get larger. I should plonk my own Canadians down for an army pic sometime.

    1. Definitely Dai! I'd love to see that.

  7. That is such an impressive collection James, and with more on the way!

    1. Thanks Jack! Yeah, a lot more still to go - I took out the picture of the lead mountain!

  8. That's a pretty huge collection!

    1. Thanks Cameron - your own work has helped keep me motivated and get me to where I am now!

  9. You've done amazing work Jamie!!! What a stunning collection!!!

    1. Thanks Paul, doubt I would have got this far without you and David's support and help! Much appreciated!


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