Thursday, 29 December 2016

Gunuary 2017!

Gunuary Approaches!

Hi folks, with January rapidly approaching we see the start of another Miniature Modelling Mayhem themed painting month. Welcoming the new year with a 'BANG!' we start Gunuary - a month of focusing on artillery and related models.

As usual with our Miniature Modelling Mayhem Challenges the only thing you need to do is post what your planning on working on and then keep the community up to date with your progress! Then let us see the finished article. The challenge is to get your project done within the month!

Your project can be artillery of any period or size. Scale is no issue! From 28mm Roman to 3mm WW1, no issue!

Just post (either on you blog or on our Facebook or Google+ MMM group) what your planning on doing, with pics of the 'before' if you have them! Then keep us up to date with your progress. As I said, the whole challenge is to get your models finished within the month - so you can be as challenging of your time as you want!

My own efforts will be to get my limbered 17 Pounders, Sextons and 5.5" mediums done. Along with various HQ units. I've also got a 'second wave' of artillery related vehicles to complete, but these may be for a later month!

And also potentially...

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