Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2016 Roundup

Hi folks,

I had a hectic week last week trying to get my first entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge done - my entry for the 'Armour' challenge can be found here.

This week I'm off work again (work required on the car means it's off the road, and I opted for using leave rather than public transport...) and will be trying to crack on with Gunuary and my next (first proper) challenge entry.

Today however, I was 'sorting' again. I moved all my books in from the garage due to concerns about how well they would keep outside. This lead to a shortage of space in my little room and Amy agreeing I could get another book case/shelf unit. One was acquired for the pretty decent price of £10 from a local charity furniture warehouse - 72" tall and 31.5" wide with 3 stout shelves. As such I'm re-jigging my room and trying to decide what will get to live where.

While this was going on, I had moved my models, and as I had them out anyway, decided to look at last years progress.

I made a short video, but have some still pictures which will follow:

2016 was quite a busy year for me, with a change in job at the start of the year leading to some pretty hectic days and late nights. There was also a small matter of a wedding! However, my painting continued at pace through various challenges and through the regular paint and chats I take part in. These really helped me focus on the hobby and meant I was working on something hobby related almost every night - something that also helped me deal with a very stressful year!

Almost all the 15mm models - excluding the Polish Shermans which wouldn't fit on the table!

The British/Canadian contingent

The Germans (with a stray Sherman)

The Polish contingent
I'm pretty pleased painting wise, although blogging wise my output fell slightly. Mainly due to the Facebook page and the general business of my weekends!

In total, my collection has expanded by several of these plastic boxes:

I think a major effort is going to be needed to start marking bases to help keep units together and clear... There is also some repair work needed and a 100 minor things I want to fix. I think I might take some time later in the year, after the challenge, to get my house in order a little!

Thanks to you all for your comments, visits, kind words and support over the year. All the best for 2017! Hopefully I can tempt some of you into joining in a Paint and Chat session at some point this year!


  1. That's some work to be proud of James! Great looking collection you have there.

    1. Thanks Rod, it's coming together! Just wish I would stop coming up with ideas and add ons!

  2. Wow. Fantastic output. The armies look really sharp all together. Particularly impressive in light of the other stuff that life required you to do this year. All the best in 2017.

    1. Thanks Dave - the paint and Chat concept is something that would work well with the MMRPC stuff!

    2. I remember you mentioning it before. I've forgotten details though. Is it a regular day and time? What time zone, etc?

    3. It can be set up so that there is a constantly available chat - it sits idle until someone signs in - so anyone can join any time. Synching up time zones can be tough, it depends on where everyone is. Sometimes we only get some people at the weekends as our evening is there lunchtime, etc. We normally post in the FB group when someone is available and in the chat, but it can take some patience and time to develop.

  3. Replies
    1. Lol, not sure thats true (having painted 3mm stuff as well this year...) but thanks!


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