Monday, 26 June 2017

10mm ACW - Guns and Dismounted Cav - Finished!

Hi folks,

First couple of days back and I wanted to finish up the projects I was working on prior to me going on holiday.

Mainly that involved the final varnish coats and basing of a few of my 10mm Pendraken Confederate dismounted cavalry. While basing these I decided to do the horse holders, guns and a final cavalry stand made up of my last remaining cavalry man and a surreptitious staff officer.

On to pics - cavalry in all it's glory, with dismounted and mounted options as well as horse holders:

Random (extra) cavalry base, to give me 8 stands in my cavalry unit:

Dismounted cavalry and horse holders:


And some more random pics - with the complete cavalry unit and the other models together:

So I'm making some progress with this project. I believe we're aiming to get a game of some description in July, so I'll be pushing to get everything done. I'm not sure about the limbers and such currently, but I will aim to get the casualty figures I have painting next. This will allow me to base up the remainder of my infantry - I'm hoping the cavalry dismount spares and casualties will help make the infantry units go a little further.

This will leave me with limbers, another gun (or three!), ammo wagons and various markers to do.


  1. Once again, your work on 10mm figures is stunning...excellent job, love the horse holders!

    1. Thanks Phil - starting to get used to the smaller scale I think!

  2. Good work on the 10s! I especially like the guns and horse holder stands.

    1. Thanks Jonathan - I like the guns as well, they are dinky!


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