Sunday, 2 July 2017

10mm ACW WiP + Kynren show thoughts

Hi folks,

Just a quick update this week to show I have been working on something!

I've not made as much progress as I had hoped with these. I have a variety of reasons why, but really it just comes down to lack of interest/motivation. These (almost) final few ACW figures are proving to be a bit of a drag, and while they won't take much to finish, I don't really want to be giving much either!

This batch will give me the stretcher bearers and casualties for some of my 'heavy casualties' markers, as well as casualty figures to bulk out my infantry stands. Another gun, to give me 2 batteries of 2 guns and an ammunition wagon.

I've made a couple of Ebay purchases this month, mainly stuff I saw in passing and decided would be useful. A load of German arty and A/T crews, which gives me some more options for my German forces. It will also allow me to avoid using the plastic DAK crew that came with my 5cm guns. I also picked up 3 Panzerjager IV's, which gives me 6 in total. Looking at the reference material I have, it looks like that might be about the size of the Panzerjager Abt. 12. companies around Totalize. I may pick up one or two more to use as a command section...

FoW wise the plan is to keep working on the infantry expansion for my Brits and possibly try to focus on actually establishing a full usable list for something. Options include working on some German stuff or possibly getting my 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry force done. I've had the armoured car models for quite a while (probably some of the stuff that's been in the lead pile for the longest time now) so I feel I should make an effort.

I am however, slightly bothered still at the mix of Daimlers and Humbers I have. For the Totalize period the unit had Humbers, not getting the Daimlers (which are pretty iconic for that unit) until later in the campaign. Something else for me to worry about needlessly!

Lastly, I want to the Kynren in Bishop Auckland last night. The organisation of the event (getting parked, getting in, getting seated) was all excellent. I cannot fault the performance or cast and the special effects were brilliant. However.... **Warning, rant below!**

I normally avoid making political comments on my blog, but I've never seen such a display of British Nationalist revisionist twaddle in all my life. From Boadicea apparently driving the Romans from 'English' shores and women and children apparently successfully fighting off the Vikings while the Normans treacherously shot a brave English king in the eye (while they were on a ship and he was trying to fight them honourably...) to the English defeating Robert the Bruce (when Scottish raids and victories in Northern England forced the English to make peace)... to the final declaration of 'This is our England' along with the unfurling of a giant Union flag (who's holders included - and I make no word of a lie - a man in German WW1 uniform complete with spiked helmet)... while the cast and some of the audience sang god save the queen and waved little paper Union flags... The whole thing left a very very bad taste in my mouth. The obvious message here is that 'English' and 'British' are one and the same thing. And I think most Scots, Welsh or Irish would disagree with that.

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