Sunday, 15 April 2018

WiP Panzer IV's and some WW2 Wings of Glory

Hi folks,

I'm very aware I've not posted much since the challenge ended, but I am still here and still painting! Just not as quickly.

I've had some issues in the last week or so with shoulder and elbow pain, which I think is related to me leaning on my elbow too much at home and work. I'm trying to be more aware of my posture, but it is effecting how much time I can comfortable sit.

Last week I got my first 5 Panzer IV's glossed, then found I had incorrect decals for them. I've had to source some, but I've found very few sets of decals exist for German 7th Kompanie tanks... The ones I ordered arrived today, but I'll have to chop them up to get the correct number combos.

These Panzers will be from 5th and 7th Kompanie of II./SS-Panzer Regiment 12.

I've 12 Panzer IV's in total to paint, but might pick up another box of 5 just to give me the option of a full Panzer IV Kompanie. As it stands, these tanks will be part of my Kampfgruppe Waldermuller force, which was the 12th SS Kampfgruppe that counter attacked on 8th August, along with Wittmann's Tigers. I've also started working on the Flakpanzer 38T's.

StuG included just to compare how the camo scheme looks... Panzer IV's are glossed and waiting on their decals. 

WiP stuff - tracks and treads done on the Panzer IV's, as well as the stowage. Shells and ammo stuff is to go on some of the artillery units I finished in the last few months. 

PSC 15mm Panzer IV's
Gaming wise, last weekend we had a club gaming weekend, and a few of us spent the day playing the WW2 version of Wings of Glory:

The games were more or less balanced, but we found that randomising the approach vectors of the RAF fighters made the game a bit better - head to head vs cannon armed fighters does not go well!

In the final game, I had the little Hurricane that could...

The Hurricane can take 17 points of damage - the damage counters are drawn randomly, and at the point of being shot down I had 19 - with 11 of them having been draws of 0. The Hurri ended up with a bust rudder for a bit and on fire before I eventually took the final damage counters. I think the Hurri isn't particularity well represented stats wise - it's just a worse Spitfire really. I would have thought it would have had even 1 more hit point or slightly better guns (it was thought to be more durable and a better gun platform than the Spit). 

Fun game, and quick!


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