Saturday, 19 August 2017

Finished! British Infantry and Pioneers, Church Walls + Partizan 20/08/17

Hi folks,

Busy week for me hobby wise. I finished one batch of British Infantry and made a start on my next batch. I got as far as undercoating flesh and putting the detail for the Tam'o'shanters on the beret wearing chaps for the first 6 or so squads worth. Pics of the 1st batch I finished:

Pre grass and tufts!

1st Platoon, B Company, 7th ASH

Bit of a closer shot, where you can see I still need to work on faces, but hopefully you can make out the beret to Tam'o'shanter conversions!

I really wasn't happy with this batch of flower tufts. I'll be looking for replacements this weekend!

Pioneer platoon, B Company, ASH - using older BF figures with lots of Bangalores. One team with a flamethrower. 

Really love these older scuplts - a pleasure to paint!

Stuck with 4 men to a base for all these units - means I have to paint less but also reflects the depleted manpower of the units!

Following that, I got distracted by terrain!

This mainly involved adding some detail to one of the houses I acquired from Lee last year. I've lots of rubble in my village, but not a lot of fire damage, so set about remedying that!

I also managed to get the walls I bought from Tiger Terrain done - I'll get a better review of these done soon:

There were a few little bits I tidied up following this photo, but these will be the walls for my churchyard, with a few spare gates for around town.

I also got some paint on my Timecast haystacks I picked up at York the year before last.

This afternoon I'm prepping to head off to Newark for the 'Other Partizan' show tomorrow. Tonight will be spent having some curry and beer with Dave D and Martin C, before we put on one of Dave's big Sudan display games tomorrow. If your at the show, stop by and say hello!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Waterloo (ala Italian Wars), ACW and painting progress!

Hi folks,

Busy times gaming wise this week, so I thought I'd do a quick wrap up of what I've been up to.

Starting with gaming, on Sunday I was at the Old Guards club day in Northallerton. The guys had put on a big game of my 'favourite' gaming system - Impetus.

I've previously had a not very good experience with this system, so you can imagine my joy to turn up half an hour into the club day (Sunday mornings are not meant to exist!) to find I was playing Impetus. And not only playing Impetus, but taking command of a French force i hadn't deployed... and who were about to be attacked in the flank by two massive German armies.

To be fair to Stu's, the German armies had not been present at the time of his deployment.

The figures were from Johns collection and he's had them for a long time. A very colourful and bright collection, with lots of flags!

One of John's photos, used with permission. My force is in the top right, below the onrushing German hordes. 
Pete's command - the immediate threat to my flank. Three massive pike blocks, a load of handgunners and skirmishers as well as some German Cavalry. 
A couple of turns of hasty redeployment saw me in a better position to counter Pete's force. This a lot lot later in the game, where I'm dealing with his Cavalry and have reduced one Pike block down to one stand and started hitting the others. You can see some of John and Martins troops closing in on me as well. 

Martins command, holding the ridge line (his Viennese troops being the 'British' in this scenario).

Stu's Swiss Pike advancing on Martins defences!
Stu's Swiss pike blocks, slowly eroding Martins defences. Eventually they crumbled and martins force fled the field before his German allies could reach him. 

My French Cavalry (best on the table) defeating the German cavalry. It took me two units to do this, but the first unit killed half his cavalry and wiped out most of a pike block. 

Pete's stalled advance. I had fallen back behind the fence lines as I knew these would be an issue for his troops to cross. He also struggled to lift the disorders I was managing to inflict every turn. 
Being in line of my cannon didn't help him!

Johns Germans were getting closer, with only my elite Swiss pikes (best on the table, apparently) in a position to protect my flank. I'd moved some of that great French cavalry up to support as well. 

Fighting continues, but the end is near! Martins troops, after a very dogged defence, eventually rout. 

End of the game. Stu's forces would have taken a while to get to me and support, so things may have gotten dicey. But I'd held the Germans off long enough!

A decent game that looked great on the table, just still not a fan of that system!

On Tuesday, I went to Dave's for a trial game with our 10mm ACW figures. This was really just to test out the Regimental Fire and Fury rules. We set up a simple table with me defending and ran through a couple of turns. It seems like a decent system and we picked up the basics pretty quickly. 

Dave's setup looked fantastic, and it was good to get a run through. Not a huge lot happened in the couple of turns we played - I lost a gun battery to an infantry charge (only one gun was active) and I hit a couple of the union regiments hard. A useful game to help frame the rule book when we read through it properly. 

Painting wise, I've been making progress with a British infantry platoon and some pioneers/engineers. This platoon will be the first of my 2nd company. I'll need them - and a lot more - for the big game I'm planning at the club in October. 

The next two platoons are about to get prepped while I varnish the first one. A few early shots here show off my attempts at suitably Scottish headgear - in the form of the Argyles Tam O'Shanters. 

I've used a mix of British infantry figures - the beret guys are from the 7th Armoured infantry packs, mixed with some newer and older standard infantry. I've also included two tank crew (one of which was getting an updated paint job), who will form another 'bailed out' marker.

Planning wise - long term, I am going to have the Argyles A, B and D rifle Companies along with the S Company. I've already got the S Company and A Company. C company was temporarily disbanded prior to Operation Totalize in order to provide the manpower to bring the other companies up to 7 men per squad. 

This will give me the full 7th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders! I've already got the Defrocked Priest models for transporting them, just need to paint the damn things...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

4Ground 15mm Church and buildings, plus random Lancaster!

Hi folks,

I had intended this week to get on with some actual 15mm models but found myself at a loose end and making a start on my 15mm 4Ground Parish Church. For those of you not familiar with this model here's what it's supposed to look like:

Picture not mine - taken from the 4ground website and used without permission for reference purposes!

One of the reasons it took me so long to decide to get this model is that it's not quite what I was looking for to suit my Normandy theme. The main issue had been the nature of the damage (far too clean looking, no rubble and the back end of the main building just missing) and the tower (both the massive hole in the tower and the fact it was not a steeple - which seems to be more common in Normandy).

Having done some work on the normal 4Ground ruined buildings, I thought I could remedy the 'clean' issue, and I had some ideas with what I could do with the tower. My original plan was to take the top off and have the remains of a steeple 'crashed' down on the ground.

So, I started building the model, and when I got to the tower I bravely (read - not so bravely) started hacking up this expensive birthday gift from my wife... This is what I ended up with. Ignore the (very) dirty paint water!

Along the way, the cunning plan had changed. I decided that making the fallen steeple would be a tad difficult, and that the nature of the hole in the tower would probably have meant the upper layers would have 'slid' down the building.

I assembled the tower as per the instructions using a small amount of PVA and blue tack. I then marked out the shapes I needed to cut. I then took the sections I needed to cut apart again. I used a fine tooth saw to cut the parts before gluing the whole thing together again.

At the base of the tower, I got my clippers, the remains of the sprues and a load of glue, and set to work.

Gradually the look I was aiming for took shape:

Until I eventually had the type of damage and rubble I was looking for:

I've still a bit of work to do on this - I can seem some areas that will need painting and the likes - mainly to tie the colours together in the rubble and the rest of the building to my other buildings. But I'm pretty pleased. The tower could be a bit better, but I think at first glance it resembles a collapsed steeple. The rubble pile at the base of the tower could possibly do with being a bit bigger, but really it works as is. Once I get some paint on I'll see how I feel as to whether it needs expanding. As ever guys, your input is sought. I think when you spend a lot of time thinking and working on something you can lose a bit of perspective!

As you can see from the final picture above, the rubble piles are wherever possible removable - for transport and model deployment reasons. The damage to the tower is fixed in place, although the tower itself still splits down into multiple levels.

Having taken a whack at the church, I moved onto the other two ruined 4ground buildings I've had on the shelf since the last bit of work. I did take a few more pictures as I went with the first one, so hopefully this will be a useful insight into what I'm doing.

Starting with the built model, I use clipped off building sprue to make the base. In this case, I should probably have gone for multiple sections rather than one big one.

Things to watch for here:

1) that the thing your adding on (assuming you want it to be removable) is not glued to the model.
2) that you think about how your adding sections. In this case, this additional area actually has to 'slide' into place rather than being lifted up or down.
3) try to have a think about where the rubble would have fallen
4) do you need to 'replace' any missing sections of the building. In this case, a wall is missing which I've added back in.

Once the base is assembled, I use bits of sprue glued down with superglue to hold all the bits together. Just watch for warping, which I encountered slightly here.

Then, I start layering up the depth I want. Initially this is done with offcuts. I try to think how the rubble will sit. I also added some height to this one by adding a remaining corner.

For floor areas, I start by laying a piece of sprue down that fits the area. I then start layering up the beams and areas that will have rubble. You can see this a bit better below. If you plan on making this removable, just be careful with the glue. From time to time make sure that you can still take everything apart and that it all fits together again as well. Again, I'm thinking about the look of the whole thing, and how a 'naturally' ruined building would look.

Next up, I start adding more depth. I've been using cork chip for this. You can see the bags in some of the pictures. The bigger bits I use for the base layer. PVA works but is slow to dry. Superglue also works, but you need to be quick.

For a lot of this, I coated the area I wanted to cover in thick superglue then just poured over the cork 'rubble'. Leave it to dry, shake off the loose stuff and do it again till you have the depth you want.

As you can see, all removable!

Once I've gotten the basic shape down, I add clipped up bits of sprue to lay on top of the rubble and look like beams, wall sections and bits of roof.

I then take the quite fine (brick like?) cork chips and apply using PVA as the base. I literally just dab PVA onto the areas I want to have the finer rubble and then shake the chips onto the model. This is normally done in a tub, so the chips can be reused if they don't stick.

This building needs a little more work - one of the things I did this morning was just build up the wall between the rubble piles a little so that it makes sense height wise. It also helped blend the colours in.

The last building is still a work in progress. I was a bit stuck with this one as the base model is one I have already 'ruined' so I had to do it differently. This time I built up the missing walls to use as a frame work, and just added a lot of rubble and a collapsed floor:

I'm not planning to build the rubble up any higher, just to detail it with beams and fine cork, and make sure lots of roof looks to have fallen onto the upper level and the rubble pile! Fingers crossed it works out.

So, I'm getting close to having this batch finished - I need to order more materials before starting the next lot. Those with be the buildings I purchased from Lee, which all need the same treatment for their damaged sections.

The sad cost of Liberation:

In an odd twist, I was drawn to the window on Friday night due to an altercation in my (otherwise very quiet) street. Some sort of road rage related incident was happening. While watching events, aero engines could be heard, and from behind the neighbours roof comes a Lancaster at pretty low level!

I had a proper split second of thinking 'that Hercules is Looooooh my god' before shouting 'it's a Bloody Lancaster!!!' (I may have disturbed the altercation by shouting 'It's a  Bloody Lancaster!!!' as the living room windows were open)

I scrambled to get my phone camera up and managed to get some shots as the aircraft flew away:

My wife was suitably mortified... apparently people would know I was watching the argument and think I was taking pictures of them. I couldn't care less, I saw THE only current flying Lanc from my own window!

The pictures don't do justice as to how low it was - it seemed like only a couple of hundred feet. it was heading from our left to right, but towards us as well, if that makes sense. I think it had been taking part in the airshow at Sunderland.

A little while later, something small and fast with a single prop engine went over in the opposite direction, but high and at a distance so I couldn't tell the type. I'd like to think it was a Hurri or Spit!

Exciting times! (Oh, and Police arrived a short while later. I think it was an argument over right of way and some bashed wing mirrors, resulting in someones face getting bashed and someone else being arrested. The assaulted mans daughter ran out with no trousers on and had to be bodily carried back inside by her husband... But the Lanc was much more interesting!)