Sunday, 10 June 2018

Finished: Command Panzer IV's and Flakpanzer 38t's

Hi folks,

Better progress with painting in the last week or so, with four tanks finished in this week. I've also managed to get the next two on the modelling table - a couple of Brummbars. I may also add my German radio truck, but will have to sort out figures to go around that.

These finished models are again for 12th SS Panzer Division. 

First up, my two command tanks for my Panzer Companie. This time around, these are Battlefront models, which scale pretty well with the PSC ones. They do have slightly different hull shapes, but I am happy enough using these as my HQ vehicles. Again, some seafoam branches were applied - I've a new method of doing this, using gloss varnish instead of superglue, and matt varnishing before I put the leaves on. This sped the process up and seems to bond the branches well to the hulls.

These are numbered 704 and 705. 705 is actually the commander, while 704 is the 2ic.

To provide some cover from the dreaded Jabos, I've also got a couple of dinky little Battlefront Flakpanzer 38t's.

These are un-numbered, as I could find no decent info on what markings they should have. Online searches showed possibly the number 12 in use, but no context or confirmation that the vehicle shown was even 12th SS.

Gun crews received some greenstuff on their helmets, to make them the SS covered style. A small amount of stowage and some tree branches finishes them off. As usual, I also mixed up the uniforms, so they have a mix of Heer and various SS camo patterns.

Only the Brummbars, 3 Stugs, 5 Panthers, the radio truck and 3 Kubelwagons to do of the planned German stuff, so progress is being made!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Somewhere in Normandy.... 4th Ed FoW Historical (ish) game

Hi folks,

Dave and Martin have already got posts up showing off this game, so I thought I had better put my pic's up before I forget.

We used the 4th edition Flames of War rules, with my usual few tweaks for random events using tiddly winks, and a little bit of 'roleplay' thrown in - were we tend to do things which make sense rather than strictly follow the rules (we would apply this to any game, not just FoW). Basically for this game I was being the 'Gamesmaster' and controlling the dastardly Germans while Martin played the plucky British Para's and Dave played the swaggering Yanks.

Terrain was a mix of what Dave had and some stuff I brought - mainly hedges from me.

Bottom end of the town

Top end of the town and the bridge

Road into the town, where the Yanks will be advancing

The table looked pretty sweet, we did our best to make it nice and busy.

Wider view of the table

Some wider shots of the town. The Para's had to conduct a night attack on the town, while during daylight the Yanks had to attack up the roads to relieve them. 'Hold until relieved...'

View of the 2nd, wooden, bridge

The game started with a few turns of night time fighting, while the Para's attempted to secure the whole town.

The muzzle flash tokens show what bases have fired at night

Para's use smoke to reduce incoming MG fire

A bit of a mixed melee around the town, with the wooden bridge defenders forming an all round defence. 

2cm German AA holds one end of the bridge, along with German infantry in the other buildings. Para's secure the end closest to the camera. 

Some of the Para units around the town didn't do too much for the game...

Smoke on the German MG42's holding the wooden bridge. 
Fighting rages around the town

However, all the buildings on this side are secured by the Para's

Para's moving up the road to help - German reinforcements came in randomly all over the board, which resulted in some odd situations
Such as a platoon of Panzer IV's rocking up in the rear - thankfully intercepted by some Para stragglers which included a couple of PIAT teams and Gammon Bomb armed Para's. When daylight broke, it revealed a battery of German 10.5cm guns firing on the advancing Yanks. 
Meanwhile, the Para's tee up to try and take the bridge, relying on a wide flanking move. 

The lead two Panzer IV's drive into a Para ambush, the others break around in the close terrain

The Yank recce makes progress up the road, encountering German ambushers on the way. 
The Bridge remains just out of reach...

Those Yanks better hurry up!

But there are a lot of Para's lurking in these hedgerows...

Different focus, showing the terrain from a different angle. 

P-47 doing some sterling work dealing with surprise StuGs!

Great game, lots of randomness going on and the table looked cracking. Great to get newly painted stuff on the board - it was both the Para's and the Yank's first outing, with my German tanks getting their first showing as well.

Hopefully, we'll get some more games soon!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Finished: 12th SS Panzer IV's

Hi folks,

It feels like these have been work in progress for quite a while, but this week I managed to get the final bits and bobs done! I normally give myself between a week and two weeks to finish a platoon off, but between waiting on decals and health issues (and time sunk into playing the new Battletech PC game) I spent more than 6 weeks on these. 

There are a total of ten 15mm scale Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV (PzKpfw IV Ausf H) models in this batch, painted to represent tanks from the 1st and 2nd 'zug's' of 7. Kompanie, II./SS-Panzer Regiment 12, 12th SS Panzer Division. As per roughly 8 August 1944. Turret numbers for the two platoons are 715 to 719 and 725 to 729, as per the details in 'Waffen-SS Armour in Normandy - The combat history of SS-Panzer Regiment 12 and SS-Panzerjager Abteilung 12, Normday 1944'. 

I've organised a force to paint, although I recently picked up another pack of 5 of these which will give me a full company once painted. Two resin and metal Battlefront models provide the HQ unit. 

The force is based on the following diary entry:

8th August 1944, II./SS-Panzer Regiment 12:

"0630 hours: departure of the 5.Kompanie (with 5 Panzerkampfwagon IVs), the 7.Kompanie (with 12 Panzerkampfwagon IV's) and the assigned Tigers of the "Wittmann" Abteilung via Grainville and Hautmesnil towards Cintheaux."

Of note is the fact that 8 Tigers set out with them - within 6 hours, 1 had broken down before reaching the combat area and 5 were destroyed by allied forces within a few minutes - including Wittmann's Tiger. Three of these Tigers were likely destroyed by a single Firefly from the Northamptonshire Yeomanry (33rd Armoured Brigade) firing at around 800 meters, with the two others (probably including Wittmann) likely falling to the guns of The Sherbrooke Fusiliers (2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade) firing from a concealed position 450 meters away on the flank. Although tanks from B Squadron, 144 RAC also claimed one Tiger kill firing from the North of the Tigers position, while two other Canadian Fireflies fired from the North West... And at no point in the various versions of Wittmann's demise are the presence of so many Panzer IV's mentioned...

Also of note is the fact that the diary entry mentions no inclusion of Jadgpanzer IV's from SS-Panzerjaeger Abteilung 12, although that units diary entry states it was involved and eyewitness Canadian testimony states that two Jagdpanzers were knocked out on the Caen-Falaise road itself by the Sherbrookes. 

Anyway, some better shots of each Zug:

And some individual shots:

I'm not too pleased with the decals, but there are limited options for turret numbers in these ranges. My Doms Decals are for lower numbered Kompanies and the individual tank numbers don't include any 7's. I had thought about overpainting to make them a bit darker, but my hand painting it not neat enough. I may revisit in the future if I get round to printing my own decals properly!

As usual, I went for a bold edge highlight, which looks a bit odd close up on the camo, but I think the group shots at a bit of a distance show off the effect of this style at a bit of a distance. 

Next up the two HQ tanks (giving me the 12 7. Kompanie tanks) and a couple of Flakpanzer's. Hopefully these will be a bit quicker to finish!