Thursday, 21 September 2017

State of the collection 2017 - The Terrain....

Hi Folks,

As well as getting all the soldiers out, I also took the time to set out some of my terrain. I have had a big push on this year to get myself terrain. Not just a few hills and stuff, but a proper ability to set up a table that matches the effort I put into my figures. 

I've picked up bits and bobs here and there, looked at what other people are doing and been impressed and inspired. So, my final video (unfortunately with poor lighting) is a test setup of my town scenery:

Again, as the pictures seem to have come out better, I'll stick some up here. I've still got a long way to go, but I think I'm on the right track. Comments and constructive criticism is very welcome!

Please excuse the garage mess in the background!

Lack of base boards down this side of the table. I still had a few buildings left to put out, but had ran out of space. 

"It's quiet... too quiet.."

The Battlefield in a Box town squares really helped. 

Really proud of how the damaged buildings look, although the rubble is a bit too pale in places. 

Some Shermans and a StuG added for scale!

The outbuildings seemed to work really well. More work needed on stuff to go in the yards!

Basing to be done on the trees, some more basing boards required. 

More gravestones needed - the area around the church is pretty bare looking. I've got some much larger bases (3.5" by 3.5" that I may use with gravestones). I may also base up the walls to put some greenery along the bottom. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

State of the collection 2017 - Part 5 - Germans

Hi folks,

Finishing off my run of videos with a quick overview of my Germans. I've not really added much to this army painting wise since last years video, but I do have a lot of unpainted stuff hanging around waiting for me to have motivation...

Again, for those of you not bothered about videos, here are some snaps:

The Stugs are from Sturmgeschutzabteilung 1344. - which I could not remember while filming! Tigers are from 101 Heavy Panzer, infantry are all III/Grenadier-Regiment 1055, 89. Infanterie Division. This picture shows the Mortars (10 of them!), 5 PaK40's , MG Bunkers, StuGs and Tigers. 

Pioneer infantry front left, Fusiliers in the centre, MG42 Platoon on the right. Infantry platoons (3 of them) behind the MG42's and Nebs. Also present are the two 88's, command elements for the infantry and snipers. 

The Nebs will be from Werfer Regiment 83 (a German Corps level formation),

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

State of the collection 2017 - Part 4 - 10mm ACW Confederates

Hey folks,

Since I was going through all my model boxes anyway... I thought I'd throw in my ACW stuff. Working on this actually made a dent in how much FoW stuff I have finished this year, but I suppose it's worth it. Almost.

As usual, for those not worried about the video, I took some pictures as well (although after I had put the models away, unfortunately).

These are all 10mm Pendraken miniatures.

mounted and dismounted cavalry. 

The guns!

The Brigadier with his South Carolina state flag, a brave colonel marker and my 'heavy casualties' marker, along with 'low ammo markers. 

The Brigadier with his South Carolina state flag, a brave colonel marker and my 'heavy casualties' marker. 

Infantry - 42 stands of infantry, 8 command stands. 

Ammo wagon and horse holders