Sunday, 25 November 2018

Battleground 2018

Hi folks,

Yesterday was spent at the Battleground 2018 wargames show in Stockton along with my 'Old Guard Wargames Club' compadres. We were using our 10mm figures and the Black Powder rules (or at least a chopped down version) and attempting to fight 'Pickett's Charge' from the 3rd day of the Gettysburg battle.

I was being General Pettigrew on the Confederate left (far left of the table above). I had one large unit and 4 medium sized units, and was backed up by Angus, who had three medium units.

My end of the table, the initial advance was limited by poor command checks combined with the odd blunders (I think all the Confederates had the same issue - my problem with these rules number 1: the defenders were sitting back and shooting, and didn't have to roll command checks and run the risk of incurring a blunder). My objective was to capture 'The Angle', which was defined as the space between the two buildings with the stone wall to my front. The capturing of this point was deemed to be pointless (ha), as there was another Union Corps behind this one, but capturing it would classed as a rebel victory.

Too many years having to assault with my Highlanders has led to me treating every army like Highlanders - so my troops got up and into the Union defenders, taking a few hits on the way. I tend to get a bit annoyed when the rules are woolly (not knowing the rules myself doesn't help) and/or the game doesn't fit my internal logic of what I feel they should do (and generally that's because the rule isn't being applied properly or there is a failing in the rules system).

A few turns later, I had managed to batter my way over the wall and into the Union position:

Dave, seeing the collapse of the Union right, sent some troops over to shore up the flank. By now my own units were on the verge of collapse, having got into the Union positions on their own. Angus managed to get some of his troops up to support, which helped.

The game ended with the Confederates getting smashed, but still in control of the wall (technically, a Rebel victory, as much as any defeat can be...).

Loot wise, I picked up a few FoW related goodies:

Some dug in markers, a German special character, artillery template and basing sand - plus a book I've been after for a while, which turns out to be a bit disappointing (review may follow).

I also picked up some 28mm Sci Fi terrain, which will be for Necromunda:

I really had every intent of taking pictures of the other tables at the show, but managed to fail to get around them this time. Sorry!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Finished!: 15mm Sarrisa Precision Chateau + Warbases 15mm Haystacks

Hi folks,

Busy week last week, having finished off my German armour for now, I switched out for some terrain. My plan had been to build my Chateau and a 4Ground hotel. However, after I built the Sarrisa Chateau I realised that the hotel model is actually 10mm scale. Bugger. That's what you get for buying quickly at wargames shows. So if anyone wants a cheap 10mm MDF building, let me know...

I also dug out the Warbases resin haystacks I picked up recently and slapped some paint on them. More scatter terrain - always handy to have.

The Chateau looks a bit big in comparison to some of the other buildings I have, but I think that can be passed off just through it being a fancy building.

I have to say it was a bit of a bugger to put together, the roof especially as the parts just did not want to fit well. I ended up having to use some filler to cover gaps. Once painted though, it looks pretty impressive. I had finished, but decided to colour the window frames as only the 2nd floor was coloured grey, and i think it looks much smarter with the light frames.

The haystacks I just hit with a grey primer, US field drab then drybrushes of gold brown then buff.

Showing off as well a recent purchase:

Which is a 1/100th scale Me109 - it'll just be a good physical representation for the occasional Luftwaffe airstrike.

My next lot of models will be my 6mm UK Moderns - which have sat on the painting shelf for 12 months or so. Basing for this lot will be a task in of itself...

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Finished: 15mm StuGs and mini-project completed!

Hi folks,

Keeping myself active this week, having finished the Kubelwagons last week, I pushed on with the StuGs. Thankfully... getting them done means my last units of my project are done!

The three StuG models are the newer Battlefront plastics, as opposed to my older models which are the old 'open fire' basic models. As per my earlier post on these vehicles, these vehicles are from Sturmgeshutz Abteilung 1344.

I've had to make some guesses about the tactical markings, as the limited information I have on the wrecks in Tilly-la-Campagne is that they had the hull numbers 211 and 212. However, I have seen neither the source for this information of the pictures. The next three I've gone with  231, 232 and 233. Generally, these will just be useful for some of the bigger games, as I think the StuGs a pretty common assault gun for the Germans and is pretty iconic.

I did have to figure out a way of getting these three new StuGs to match in with the three I painted back in 2016. Thankfully, I think I managed to keep them pretty similar:

So, with these StuGs done, that fills in the final green on my planning spreadsheet. Only 4 months behind schedule... I'd planned to have this stuff done by July, but got distracted by building and painting a landing craft and finishing up my 10mm ACW collection.

Green means done!

This means I get to do group shots!

Unfortunately, while this clears the decks of most of my planned German armour, I picked up another box of PSC Panzer IV's and some 2nd hand BF resin models. Those will allow me to field a full company, without using the Panthers. I'd love to do a Panther company as well, but I'm spread too thin as it is just now. I'll revisit the idea in the future when I've actually made a dent in the stuff I already have planned.

I've also got three more Wespes to do, as well as 3 Hummel SP's... which will flesh out the 12th SS armoured stuff. Then half tracks.

Really pleased to have gotten this out of the way, if a little annoyed it took so much longer than planned. I think I'm going to do a couple of buildings next, then decide what to work on from there!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Finished!: 15mm Battlefront Kubelwagons

Hi folks,

Attempting to get back into the swing of things and actually pick up a paintbrush again after a bit of a hiatus, I started small and decided to tackle the Kubelwagons as a small unit which wouldn't take too much effort.

Big shout out to Matt Varnish for getting me onto a paint and chat, which helped me get the ball rolling again.

These three vehicles are from Battlefront and will provide transport for observation/artillery spotter teams, command teams or set dressing.

All three have got SS markings in the form of SS registration plates. There's no decent flat surface on them for any other markings, so I've just mixed up the crew a bit.

As per my other SS models, the crew have a mix of camo patterns and a couple of the figures had some green stuff conversions to give their helmets SS style covers.

A nice little trio of vehicles, that got me motivated to start working on the StuGs. Those have now been blocked in and washed, with the next step being highlights.

Hopefully the StuG's will be finished off soon!