Monday, 1 December 2014

15mm Loyd Carrier Comparison (Battlefront, PSC, Forged in Battle)

On Saturday I was in Teeside at A's parents so went along to the Battleground 2014 show - formerly Smoggycon (my visit being cunningly organised by me to allow me to attend the show while A went to the hairdressers). While there I picked up some models - hence using my other Joker for the 6 Month Miniature Mountain Reduction Painting Competition.

The models in question were the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Loyd Carrier and 6-pounder plastic box.

Image used without permission, no ownership claimed by me!
While I don't need these models just now, my Recce company list will eventually need 4 of these guns. And I really liked the look of the Loyd Carrier with the canvas hood on!

The models had a little flash on them, but were easy to clean with a craft knife and a small file. The instructions...

...were fairly straight forward but oddly difficult. The step 2. handily says 'Check orientation of Axle' - but gives no indication of what that actually means. The Engine sub-assembly section was also a bit strange as the front and rear sections of the engine are different, but the image has them being the same (the engine cover with the extra detail on it goes to the rear).

The sprues themselves have a lot of detail on them, including some jerry cans, ammo boxes, etc. The crew figures look a decent size for using with Battlefront models, but I have left them on the sprue for now as I will paint them separately  rather than as part of the model.

The model itself scales very well with both the Battlefront and the Forged in Battle Loyd carrier. For the purposes of the pictures I placed the plastic PSC model on the FoW medium base, as the other two models have the bases cast on.

In the pictures the painted model is the Battlefront model.

As the pictures show the plastic kit is a good match. Once I've had some time to put the 6-pounder together I will take some comparison shots of it with the Battlefront model. All in all a very nice kt, fiddly to assemble but it looks great and the detail is impressive. I love the canopy, and it really gives another option to something that can be quite samey when in a large army or collection.

So these will take quite a while to paint up, but I'm glad I got them (even though I felt a little like I was buying them just because there was such a lack of other options - 15mm WW2 models are getting in shorter and shorter supply at shows currently).


  1. It's such a cute wee vehicle!

  2. They're a very nice looking model, and do scale well with the others. The FiB one looks the most different, a more vertical front plate than the others, but that's getting pretty picky! I've just assembled a couple of boxes of PSC vehicles and I really like their kits. Even when the instructions are vague, at least it's easier to deal with bits of plastic than resin or lead! I do like how they give you lots of little extra bits to customise each model too.

  3. Nice review Jamie. Appreciate the large amount of clear comparisons in the pics.

    Have been eyeing this boxed set for a while now. They look seriously good and great value to boot. Will be nice to have the canopied version to tell platoons apart too. Just need an extra Universal Carrier and figs for the Command team.

  4. I WANT THIS...

    ...I will doubtless end up getting it at some point - just a shame it was released only a short while after I bought my 4x 6pdr BF models!

  5. Thanks folks, hope the comparison shots help people decide what models they want to go for.

  6. They certainly did. I am working on a pair of llyodd Carriers today from Battlefront