Saturday, 12 November 2016

100,000th Visitor and 300th Post Giveaway Winner!

Hi Folks,

A few weeks ago I posted about having a giveaway for my 300th blog post and 100,000th blog visitor. To enter, all followers had to do was leave a comment on that blog post.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and leave me their regards. Much appreciated!

A number was picked at random by my Miniature Modelling Mayhem friend Gary (of Marksman Gaming fame). Gary didn't know what he was picking a number for, and the number he picked was 9.

The 9th comment was left by 'Lee! from the 'A figure Painting Therapy' blog.

Lee wins a £20 gift voucher for the gaming site of his choice.


  1. Woot! Many congrats Lee - a worthy recipient!

    Keep up the great blogging Jamie, always a treat to see what you've been up to on your hobby desk.

  2. Thank you James, I'm really pleased as I never usually win anything!