Friday, 24 July 2020

Finished: 15mm British armoured car crew figures

Hi folks,

Another quick little side project done - crew figures for all the recently completed British armoured cars. 

The crew figures as a mix of Skytrex along with some very old and very new Battlefront figures. In line with my other recce models, each vehicle has a single crewman, while command vehicles have two (along with two aerials). This helps mark the command teams during play. Some of the crew are just peeping over the lip of the hatch, while others are sitting higher using radios, etc. 

I also added magnetic basing, so these are ready for storage... which I don't have. Primarily because I've filled up what I have either with my 15mm stuff or the 10mm Joshua project. Also because I recently purchased 5 platoons of rather nicely painted British infantry from a friend. Which leaves me one single platoon short of having a full battalion (4 rifle companies of 3 platoons + a support company). The only slight cheat being that some squads are 4 men strong rather than 5. I'll try to get some pictures soon!

Finished: 10mm Spearmen 'For Joshua's Army'

Hi folks,

Still here, still tinkering away with bits and bobs. This week, I finished off a 10mm fantasy unit for my Knight army as part of the 'For Joshua' project. I also based up some of the figures I received recently from 'Domesticated Bill'  ( Unfortunately I didn't have enough bases left to get everything he sent done, but more bases are on the way from Pendraken. 

These 10mm spearmen came from Magister Militum - I believe they are 'Utherian Spearmen' although looking at the unit description I seem to have been missing the command figures. Still, nice enough figures to paint, and these will go along with my archers as the peasant levy part of the knight force. 

I've still many, many knights to paint for this project, something I'm struggling with at the moment. But I'll prep up the next unit and try and make a start. I suspect the next lot will be rather uniform again, rather than each individual knight having his own colour scheme. 

Still blown away by people's generosity for this project. The project itself has been paused due to C-19, but I am hopeful that if the situation improves next year we can get things going again!

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Finished: 15mm GZG NAC "Cataphract" Heavy Power Armour

Hi Folks,

A minor update on recent progress. These models should have been accompanied by others, but I had far fewer appropriate bases than I thought, so I'm waiting on a restock. 

This squad of 15mm models are Ground Zero Games SG15-A24 NAC "Cataphract" Heavy Power Armour suits (less the backpacks). Bought on a whim as part of my small 15mm sci-fi collection. Truth be told, I am not keen on these models for representing power armour - a little old fashioned for me. However, they'll do as an option for when I eventually do something with the collection. 

I've gone with a tan colour base, with patches of green and black just to make them a little more military looking. The colours will also allow them to be allied with the security bots I painted before, but should be different enough to also be opposition when required. 

I've a whole load of mercenary 'armed colonist' types still to highlight, as well as some power armour from another manufacturer that I dislike. My plan for these other models is to make them basic AI 'wingmen' for the manned suits. Basically fire support drones that will work with the manned suit but try to keep it safe (being the ones to breach doors, shielding the manned suit from fire, etc). 

I may keep an eye out for some 15mm heavy power armour suits that I do like... which would probably be more mini-mecha like. 

That's it for now, till the bases turn up!