Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Finished: 15mm Cold War West German Marder Rolands

Hi folks,

Work continues with the Team Yankee project. With a new army book coming out for the Dutch later this year (potentially with Leopard 2A6 and Apache for my Dutch!), and a game planned for the end of July, I want to get what I have done. It's all dragged on for a bit now!

Anyway, I decided to add some mobile SAM support. the Dutch don't have their own units for this role, so call on the support of their West German allies. 

So here we have two Marder Roland SAM vehicles, kindly airbrushed for me by Dave. 

These are 15mm Battlefront resin and metal kits, which were a little bit of a nuisance to put together. Still, they look sharp enough with a few decals and some weathering. Turrets were magnetised, basing as per my usual technique for this project. 

I've a Stinger platoon and a Mech Infantry platoon in the works at the moment, as well as my TOW and Recoilless Rifle jeeps. Hopefully I'll have more progress to share soon. 

Saturday, 29 April 2023

Finished: 15mm Dutch M113 platoon and HQ vehicle

Hi folks,

As previously mentioned back in my YPR-408 post, I got a little bogged down painting wise, trying to finish off too many things at once. However, this also meant I finished 3 (more or less 4) units at the same time. 

First up are some 15mm plastic Battlefront M113s, part of my Dutch Recce force, who will provide transport for my Tirailleur Peloton (as part of my Verkennings Eskadron). I may pick up some more Dutch infantry for these, or may use my existing figures. I'm undecided!

These models are lovely to build and a joy to paint. I really rate these boxy little iconic vehicles. These have been decalled using the BF markings, had fishing line aerials applied and have a single commander marking where the command team will be. Based to my usual standard for this collection, and weathered with some Tamiya Weathering Master powders. 

At the same time, I was working on a slightly older Battlefront resin model. This M577 Command Post Carrier was released by Battlefront as part of the initial Team Yankee offering way back when the game first came out. I believe it was a bonus model representing "Colonel Reynolds' Battalion CP" as part of the 'Bannon's Boys' army deal back in 2015. An odd model, as it comes with a large open space but no associated infantry figures. 

Dave had one of these spare from the figures he had picked up from IanW at our club. I snagged one as an interesting little thing for my Dutch, figuring it would be useful in scenarios or in Northag/Centag games. 

As usual I threw on some aerials, used the Dutch BF decals and the same basing style as on the other vehicles in the collections. 

That's it for my backlog currently. Next up will be some West German Marder Rolands, which Dave very kinds airbrushed basic camo colours for me. These are the only missile air defence options open to the Dutch currently, other than Stinger teams. I've also a Dutch Mech Inf platoon I want to get done! No rest for the gamer!

Thursday, 27 April 2023

Finished: 15mm Team Yankee Dutch YPR-765 PRATs (v2!)

Hi folks,

Almost a duplicate post here of one from back in October. Another pair of resin 3d prints from Butlers Printed Models, finishing off a 4 vehicle platoon. You can find some commentary on price, quality and comparison with BF resin and metal models on this earlier post. 

These models are functionally identical to the earlier entry, and simply followed my decision to use BPM models for the whole unit. Initially I had planned to use two BPM printed models, along with two 'spare' BF models. 

And the full unit of four BPM printed vehicles:

I also have spare BF plastic turrets to fit my YPR-765 IFVs, in case I decide I need more!