Sunday, 26 August 2018

'Other Partisan' Loot

Hi folks,

I couldn't post this last week, as some of the stuff I bought at the show was being posted to me.

A bit of a mixed bag from this event - it doesn't look a lot , but then the terrain is quite expensive.

So, for Necromunda, I picked up the new Cawdor gang and their gang card pack, a Mantic 'Terrain Crate' Ruined City Pack and a Industrial Accessories pack. I'm not sure where I'm going with the terrain for this, the Mantic stuff looked good on the table they had set up for their own game, but it doesn't give the height and levels needed for a 'good' necro board. I'm now thinking of a theme, which will use lots of pipes and storage tanks for height, with ruined workers 'habs' scattered around. Basically a 'dome' now abandoned but previously used for some sort of liquid processing or storage.

The Cawdor was a tough purchase. I dislike some of the poses from this set, and the giant panzerfaust crossbow just looks daft. I also have all the other gangs still to build. But in the end I thought if I have the others I may as well have these guys...

For my 15mm WW2 stuff, I picked up some 'Warbases' hay stacks, some of the trays for the really useful boxes that I can use for vehicle storage and a couple of books (one on Goodwood, the other giving detailed equipment listings for British WW2 units). I also picked up a Sarrisa Chateau to go with my 15mm village.

For Dave/6mm Team Yankee, I picked up a load of 6mm industrial buildings. Dave's done most of the heavy lifting with the 6mm terrain, and I had said months ago I would try and contribute some buildings. Hopefully with what I picked up he can make a couple of 'tiles' of industrial estate for 'somewhere in West Germany'.

Since my return, I have been cracking on with my 10mm ACW limbers. Hopefully these will be good to go this week, just needing one more coat of varnish, some flags and then basing. I've also started on the last few other bits - destroyed gun markers, casualty markers and damaged gun markers, as well as a couple of spare figures that will be 'brave Colonels' and spare brigade command stands.

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Other Partisan pics

Hi folks,

A great weekend away with the lads, which included a random Spitfire flying over us while we sat in the pub's beer garden.

Day off today, so thought I'd post some pics. No loot pictures yet, as some of the stuff I bought is being posted.

In other news, I was to collect my set of Adeptus Titanicus rules at the show. The chap I was buying them from, Gav, handed me a bag which contained the full 'Grand Masters' edition - worth £175. I had only paid £30 for the rules set... However, being the honest sort I am, I pointed out his mistake and gave him the bag back. As tempting as saying 'thanks' and walking off with the bag might have been, local shops need support and it would have been pretty poor of me to take what I hadn't paid for. Perhaps I would have acted differently if the error had been on behalf of some massive multi national retailer...

First pictures are of Dave's Sudan game:

And I made a point of doing a quick tour around the other tables - I think i got most of them! No descriptions I'm afraid, sorry!