Monday, 1 July 2013

15mm Daimler a/c and Doms Decals

Some more quick pics from the stuff I had been putting together before my holiday Jaunt. I picked up 3 packs of Daimler I's (BR311). The 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps were the recce regiment of the 51st Highland Division. They were a little bit of an oddity as they used the Daimler armoured cars while most other recce regiments still used the Humber's. The Daimler is considered to be one of the best British fighting vehicles of the war, and remained in service up until the 1960's.

These were used alongside Humber III LRC (Light Recon Car). 

To go along with these I also picked up some new decals from Doms Decals. I was missing the British Infantry Divisions recon tac signs, so I have now got some. I also picked up some 79th Armoured Division badges and some tac signs for my AVRE Churchills. To complete what I need for my flails, I also got some standard Armoured Brigade tac signs. I have had some issues tracking down the numbers the AVRE's should have.

Doms Decals also have the bridge weight circles for the various vehicles that would make up the units that the tac signs could be attributed to - and a list of which bridge weight goes with which vehicle. Very useful! 

I've not got any to compare, but from the Battlefront FoW decals I have seen - these are more to scale. The FoW official decals looked like they were more 20mm or 1/72 than 15mm.

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