Saturday, 6 July 2013

Battlefront Customer Service (part 2)

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about some issues I had with one of the packs of Sherman I's I bought at Wappinshaw. The pack contained 2 left hand side track units.

I sent an email to Battlefront Customer Services, and two days later received a replacement part. Brilliant I though. The part needed some trimming to fit, but I got that sorted, glued the tracks on and...

Spot the difference - the replacement (right hand side) track unit is bulkier and has a different tread pattern.

This picture shows the different tread pattern for the replacement (top) and the slightly different lengths.
So I replied to the email i had got from BF, telling the story and sent them these pictures. . It was thought that the difference in track unit were due to the top one being for an American M4.  I got an apology and again a day or so later received another replacement.

Great, thinks I. The part is the same tread pattern and has the correct fitting for the tank... then I realise its a left hand side tread. D'oh!

At this point, I'm scared that BF customer service thinks I am trying to build Shermans from replacement parts. I dropped the chap I had been dealing with another email explaining that yes, it was the correct part but that it was for the wrong side.  I also offered to return the extra left hand track units I now had!

Today, a package arrived with a correct right hand side track unit. The pack also contained a whole replacement Sherman I pack. 

So here's a wee pic of the whole collection. 1 correct and 1 incorrect right hand track unit, 3 correct left hand track units and one complete Sherman I (with plastic track units). 

All in all though, BF customer service has been top notch and has shown me that the models may seem to be slightly more expensive than some of the producers out there, but their standard of service is really top notch. A big thank you to Mikolaj at Battlefront for all his help sorting this out.

Battlefront Customer Services details for replacement parts can be found here.

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