Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Everyone has baggage!

Having spent the last week hiding from the scorching sunshine, I spent some time working on the models I have got assembled so far. The next step has been putting the various stowage and extra Armour on. I've not seen a huge number of pics of Skytrex 15mm stowage on the web, so I thought I would post my progress so far.

Sherman I's (M4's) with some extra armour in the form of spare tracks and spare bogey wheels. Also, a couple of rolls of baggage.

Close up of the Shermans.

Close up of the Shermans.

Rear decks. This time I took a lot of time thinking about where the decals would be going, and tried to avoid putting anything in the same place.

De-frocked priests - I didn't do much to these two as I had done nothing to the others. I may paint up some baggage to attach so the six of them all look the same.

Humber LRC recon vehicles with some extra little bits. These guys were effectively high powered saloon cars with armour on them. However, they were so successful that they remained in service all through WW2 and even  served after the war.

Other side of the LRC. These guys are armed with a Bren light machine gun on the roof and a Boys Anti Tank rifle in the hull. Pretty light weaponry by late war standards, but still useful.

Daimler I's. Some of the baggage I bent using some needle nosed modelling pliers - this means they fitted better on the wheel rims and rear deck.

Rear decking of the Daimlers. I'm tempted to use some greenstuff as well as I think these could be detailed out a bit more. All the roof hatches are open as in true recon style, all the commanders will have their heads out.

Sherman Crab (M4A4 Sherman with a frontal flail attachment for clearing mines - I'm still waiting on the chain for the drum. The Battlefront one seemed too chunky for the model). I left the front hull clean but added a little to the rear deck.

As these tanks had the job of clearing minefields, they had several ways of marking the cleared paths. The protruding L shaped bits on the back corners are guiding lights so following vehicles can follow. The boxes on the sides of the hulls were filled with powdered chalk that would trickle out as the tank flailed the ground marking the sides of the cleared path.

Universal Carriers - these are the Forged in Battle minis that came with quite a lot of baggage already cast on them, which I really like. I have 4 of them with .50cals, 4 with extra hull mounted machine guns (.30cals and Brens) and 4 that are plain. I want to add Piats to the 4 plain ones but need a good way of showing them - and I've come up with nothing so far.

AVRE Churchills. I have to say I am surprised how much I like these models. I would seriously consider a Churchill based armored unit at some point in the future.

Rear of the Churchills.

40mm Bofors AA guns. Spot the home made sights.

Close up of the gun-sights.

Oddly dark picture of my two Loyds carriers.

Another view of the Universal Carriers.
One thing you might note it the lack of crew and hatches on the vehicles. I've still to decide on these for the units, and the crews will be painted separately.

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