Sunday, 7 July 2013

Skytrex Sherman Tank Stowage (Part 1)

Building the plastic Sherman V's I got with with the old open fire boxed set, I enjoyed adding the various bits and bobs on the sprues to the tanks. As well as green stuffing up my own stowage. From my reading and studying many pictures, I think that any vehicle crew living and fighting from their mounts will cover said mounts in bags, crates and extra armour where possible.

The down side of getting the resin Sherman I's is that the packs contain no stowage options. This means the tanks would look very 'clean'.

I had a look about online, and discovered that Skytex did Universal Stowage Packs in 15mm. I also wanted to get some more vehicle crews (specifically, for my Recce unit) so ordered a pack of their tank commanders. I also ordered some of their wounded Brits, mainly for future modelling opportunities.

Universal Stowage. Jerry cans, camo net bundles, barrels and bedding rolls.

Tracks + MG's from one side.

Tracks + MG's from the other side. You can see here some of the spare track segments, MG's and spare wheels for the tracks.

Tank commanders. Some of them in rather dubious poses. I like the variety in jackets and headgear.

Wounded Brits and stretcher bearers.

2 sizes of barrels, various rolls of canvas/bedding, jerry cans, wooden cases and camo netting.

These are currently being tidies up prior to me starting to put them on the tanks. Lots of .30 cal and .50 cal MG's as well. One thing I am always doubtful about is putting the MG's on tanks, as I don't think it was something that was widely practised in the British Army. However, it may be a disadvantage in Flames of War...

More to follow, once these parts are on tanks!

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