Sunday, 8 September 2013

750pt FoW game

So the second part of my Saturday gaming was a quick 750pt game of Flames of War at Pauls. The plan had been to go straight to Pauls after the wargames club, but I had received a call from a friend offering me a free sofa in exchange for some help moving a new one....

So two sofas shifted later, I got to Pauls to find they had sensibly started playing. I missed the first turn or so, during which time they had attempted some sort of hidden deployment game. By the time I arrived that had been scrapped and I was to help Paul out. He had... an interesting deployment....

Spot the infantry deployed by the Napoleonics player!!!
Anyway, Pauls plan was to throw everything up the left flank, cut round the hill and capture the road junction. Young David had his two Pak40's to the left of the road and at the bottom of the hill. He had an infantry platoon dug in over the brow of the leftmost hill. His StuG's had been over on the right flank, and hurried over to try and counter the Shermans.

Paul left the command Sherman (the one with 2 aerials) and the Firefly still, and ran the other two Shermans forward. The two stationary Shermans fire on the StuG and brew it up.

Our Shermans pushed across the road and discover the German units there...

Which leaves one Sherman burning from Pak40 fire.

Finding myself snapping at Paul (too much testosterone from moving sofas!) and telling him off for being fixated on the Pak's, we start shooting up the dug in German infantry prior to trying an assault. We didn't manage the pin we were looking for so we didn't launch our attack this turn. Our Infantry left hanging, I expected it to get cut to bits from Young Davids MG teams. Luckily however, we only lost one base. His Pak40's also took out one of our MMG carriers, bailing the platoon (need to check this rule out, not sure I got it right).

Young Davids firing of his infantry meant that they lost their gone to ground bonus, so we were able to pin them on the next turn, putting the infantry assault in and pushing his infantry off the hill. In the centre our 1IC and 2IC teams launched an assault on the Pak40's and managed to take one of them out.

The Jocks push round the back of the hill

And fire from our 6 pdrs brews up another StuG. Young Davids infantry platoon is assaulted again, loses it's command team and then fails it's motivation check for being under half strength and bottles it. As does the remaining StuG. With half his units gone, he fails the company motivation test and it's game over.

Again, the game showed the toughness of dug in veteran infantry and the need for pinning. It also emphasised the deadliness of assaults. From young Davids side it showed his need for some sort of Mortar support.

I made use of Pauls excellent lighting to take some pictures of my guys:

And one of Young Davids Pak40's


  1. Lol, you should have told us you were having a hissy fit ya big girl! I've seen grumpier hedgehogs.

    David said you wanted us to carry on. I think you will agree with young David having no mortars my deployment was pretty genius!!!

  2. Nice-looking game, going to have to start following your blog.


  3. Paul: I wasn't having a hissy fit! It did make sense that you guys started, although I have no idea where the Mortar platoon came from when I had posted my army list on here yesterday! I was just getting a bit short tempered as I had been running round and hadn't eaten (at that point). Thanks to Mia for the food btw.

    FMB: Thanks :) Paul had set up a great looking table and Young Davids stuff is really nicely painted. The standard I'm trying to get my own work to!

  4. ;-) no worries Jamie, it was just a bit of evening fun. 2 games on the 1 day was pretty good for you guys. I had no idea really what you guys had planned I just went with tge flow. We just had a chat about painting and figures pretty much until you arrived. I'll tell Mai you enjoyed the food.

  5. Forgot to comment on this one I think.

    Very nice looking minis and table. Always good to see a dustup between two well painted forces.


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