Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Carluke and Law Wargames club naps game, 14/09/13

Just a quick post with some pics of the other game that was going on while me and David were playing our FoW game on Saturday. I didn't follow what happened, but I gathered that the French beat the Brits.

Rules used were (I think) General De Brigade.


  1. So much cavalry! Reminds me of my old 15mm Russian Napoleonics I used to have about 20 years ago. All cav and cannons.... Never won a game. LOL!

  2. This was a great game based on the 5th of May 1811 at Fuentes de Onoro with Montbrun's french dragoons trying to overrun the Light Division. Great to see the pictures, even better to be on the french winning side


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