Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Decals on defrocked priests

Waiting for a meeting to start at work (huzzah for being somewhere with a 3G phone signal!) so I thought I would post a few wee pics of my work in progress defrocked priests.

These vehicles had been self propelled artillery just prior to totalise, but were converted over a period of only hours in the days prior to their use. As such I wanted to do two things with them. The first was replicated from pictures I had seen, where units from 154 Brigade of the Highland Division had painted or chalked the HD sign and their Brigade tactical sign of 69 on the front of the APC's. 

The second thing was to show that these vehicles were so hastily converted they still had the original artillery units tac markings on them! 

So far, this is where I am at:

These four are all from different units - 3rd Infantry Division and 11th Armoured Division (although this may change as the tac signs for the artillery of the 11th Armoured would be a white 72 on a red and blue square...). I've also made an effort to use different stars on different locations to show them being different batteries. 

So some markings are subject to change. I'm fighting the urge to buy actual decals for the divisions rather relying on my poor free hand skills! Still got another Matt varnish to do and then the static grass and the infantry to be glued inside...


  1. O very nice touch! They'll add some really cool varied look to your boys.

    1. Thanks Dai - I sometimes doubt my own sanity at putting so much effort into these things at this scale, but it keeps me off the streets!

  2. I'll have to revisit this now as I have found out what units the priests came from. And they were all Canadian owned and crewed. Not from random 21st army group units as I assumed!

  3. Lol, what can you do, its a funny old game research. I have a couple of things that I now know should be different. Certain pieces of clothing, accessories that should or should not be there. Do you alter them or leave them as is ? Hmm that's up to you. They look great though!!! You could always buy another 4 at some point and flog these on fleece bay if the alteration is to much work?


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