Friday, 6 September 2013

Saturday FoW game

Another quick blog - after the club tomorrow myself and David are heading to Paul's for a quick game of FoW. We agreed on 750pts - really just to let Paul see the game in play (and to show off some of my painting and be shown how to do things right...).

Davids dropped me a line with his army. 3 StuGs, 2 Pak40's and 2 platoons of MG teams. All confident vets. All for 740pts.

I've gone for Highlanders again, all Reluctant Vets (other than the Confident Trained Shermans).

Command team (with piper): 45pts

Rifle Platoon with 3 squads x 2: 280pts

Sherman I Platoon with firefly: 275pts

Vickers MG Platoon with 2 squads: 65pts

Anti Tank Platoon with 2 x OQF 6 pdr (late): 65pts

Total: 730pts

Not knowing what works and what doesn't, I went for a mixed bag. I like the Vickers MG for their pinning ability and the 6 pdrs for support vs the StuGs. Not sure how useful the Shermans will be but I like them and it gives me a decent mixed force. Also, for a small game it's nice to show the range of vehicles working on the battlefield.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some decent shots of the game and the models.


  1. Add some Loyd Carriers (If you have them) to tow those 6pdrs about too and you'll still be under 750 and not swearing like sailor when your 6pdr reserves are stuck on the other side of the board away from the action.

    Good luck and I hope the display gets Paul interested enough to get involved!

  2. Good call Dai, I'll add the Machine Gun Universal Carriers as well and that uses up my spare 20 points!


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